What is Angina?

Angina is the Coronary Heart problem. It is the severe pain in the chest. It is different from other chest pains. This problem doesn’t include regular pain but the pain may be dull or some crushing pain is there. It is more of discomfort after the lesser supply of Oxygen to the Heart.

Due to regular lacking of Oxygen or Blood supply in the Heart the Coronary arteries gets narrow and resulting in Arteriosclerosis. When there is lack of Oxygen in the Heart that situation is called as Ischemia. The main cause of Angina is Myocardial Ischemia or lack of Oxygen in the heart muscles.

Males are more susceptible in getting this problem. Also Family history increases the risk of getting this problem. The person of post Menopausal age should remain alert as they have the tendency of catching this problem more.

But it is seen that those who keep checking their Heart health are able to fight with their problem. But long term ignorance can prove to be fatal. The proved and sure short formula to get rid of this problem is through Natural remedies. They are one of the best treatments to stop this problem. Ayurvedic herbs are very much effective in maintaining the Heart health and its function.

Symptoms of Angina

Initially the patient complains about pain in the left side of the Chest. It is easily ignored because of no major reasons. But if regular pain and tightness in the Chest is experienced then one should immediately consult their doctors.

Also family history shows if the problem is typical Heart ailments or due to some regular Stress levels. There are signs of Choking around the Chest which make it difficult to breathe normally. There is continuous problem in rest or walk also. The patient feels uneasiness more often. The continuous sweating may be one of the signs of Heart ailments.

There is heaviness in the chest which shows needles all over the chest are pricking. There can be pain in left shoulder down to whole back which means the muscles are getting affected. The left portion of the body freezes. If there is regular Pain in the Chest then it can be increased with walking or doing some work. The patient should avoid the stressful activities.

Angina Causes

There can be so many reasons of this problem but the major ones are:

  • Lack of Blood supply in the Heart.
  • Compressed Arteries due to different reasons.
  • Some instant shock or trauma which makes Heart to freeze for a second.
  • Excessive Supply of oxygen in the Heart or more of pumping activity.
  • In some cases of Hyperthyroidism or Anemia also there occurs Pain in the Heart as their Heart vessels are weak.
  • Inability of Heart to withstand any problem or Weak Heart muscles.
  • Low level of Diastolic activity.
  • Due to uneven growth of the Heart muscles.

Increased level of stress is the major reasons of getting this problem. Continuous Anxiety also makes one susceptible to have Weak and inefficient Heart. When the person is in constant pressure then they feel continuous Pain in the chest. At first it seems to be the normal pain but in due course it becomes proved that they catch some of the major problem of Heart.

Diabetes can be one of the reasons of having this problem. As heart is very sensitive to our body and brain reactions, if anything like change in Blood sugar level occurs can affect the Heart also. Rise in Cholesterol levels can also effect the normal Heart functioning. It can be major reasons for Heart attacks.

One of those hidden reasons of getting this problem is Obesity. Yes Obesity is the major cause of Heart pain, Heart beat upset, uneven Pulse rate etc. Sometime due to increase in Muscles volume the Heart in unable to pump out blood or Blood flow gets upset. There are lots of things like emotional turmoil which also affects the Heart functioning. Lack of physical exercise diminishes the efficiency of the Heart.

Eating a lot or heavy meals can block the Heart area which stimulates pain. Smoking, Alcohol or some other drugs intake can also makes it difficult to breathe normally. And then raises the Pain in the chest due to blockage.

Angina Treatment

Angina TreatmentThis problem can be controlled with the regular exercise or walk. But in case of severe pain in the chest then do recommend doctor. But if the patient is experiencing it the first time then they should do some rest. Rest means mental and physical rest both, which will help in regaining Healthy heart.

If the reason is Anxiety or Stress then try out some meditation or Yoga which is perfect to calm the mind.

If the patient is suffering from Depression or some Emotional Trauma then a psychologist can be the best alternate. Also Family should be supportive in order to relax the person and makes them free from any kind of tension.

Try some natural juices or drinks which will provide the regular flow of nutrients to the Heart and also makes it functional. Some natural Oil massage can help in clam down the stressed out muscles and nerves. Brahmi, Aswagandha and Jatamansi is among some of the effective stress relieving herbs. Also the patient should be given natural diet like only fruits and fresh vegetables which will supply lots of antioxidants in the body.

Eating of fruits increase the immunity of the Heart like Amla, Oranges, Apple, Papaya, and Banana etc. Oats, whole grain products are best to keep the age of the heart intact. Avoid Oily stuffs as they enhance the cholesterol levels. One should also minimize the use of Salt, Coffee etc which are not very good for the heart health. Processed food adds pain and stiffness in the muscles of the Heart.

In some severe cases the patients are being operated like Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty which increase the Arteries efficiency. So, keep yourself away from this problem as it has long term implications for the whole body.