Anemia is that state of body in which red blood cells becomes insufficient to meet the physiological needs. Anemia is caused due to the deficiency of iron in the body. Sometimes the cause of anemia can be prolonged illness, inherited disorder or deficiency of Vitamin A or Vitamin B12.

Anemia Symptoms

The common symptoms of anemiaare fatigue weakness, breathlessness, palpitation and drowsiness. Pregnant women are more prone to become anemic. It is the world second main cause of disability. Anemia is more common among women than men as they have constant blood loss every month. It mainly affects pre-school children and pregnant women in developing countries. Now government is taking many measures to eradicate the problem of anemia.

Though the main cause of anemia is iron deficiency but you should not overdose yourself with frequent doses of iron pills and tonics as it can give you some side effects like constipation and headache. Green leafy vegetables is an important source for iron but you should always have a balanced diet to cover up all the deficiency of minerals and vitamins. Getting up early and taking fresh air will increase the supply of oxygen and blood circulation will improve. If you have general tiredness then you can get rid of that if you plan a daily walk.

Types of anemia:

  • Common Anemia: Low iron content in the body
  • Acute anemia: Acute Anemia is caused due to excessive bleeding in case of an accident
  • Pernicious anemia: Pernicious Anemia is found mainly in vegetarians and regular liquor takers. It is due to the deficiency of Vitamin B12.
  • Sickle cell anemia: It is due to the inadequate haemoglobin production of the parent that becomes inherited in the child.
  • Aplastic Anemia: It is due to the bone marrow injury .In this type of injury RBC slow down or stops producing red blood cells.

Prevention of Anemia

It means you should have adequate Red Blood Cells in your body. So for the prevention of anemia you should follow some basic tips:

  • Have proper diet include green vegetables in your diet, enough sleep at least eight hours a day.
  • Exercise regularly for building up stamina
  • Don’t take excess of caffeine and alcohol
  • Do regular check up for RBC and WBC or HB
  • In case you got any wound in which excessive bleeding has been done then take care of that wound so that it can get healed quickly as it may lead to acute anemia.

Proper Diet to fight Anemia:

Have juice of spinach, beetroot, and carrot in your breakfast or dinner. It is a very good tonic for anemic persons as it contains lot of minerals and vitamins. You can make your own muesli containing apricots, oats, almonds, wheat germ and almonds and have it in your breakfast. It will help in improving your appetite. Almonds or apricot with honey can be taken anytime you want.

Honey with lime water or warm water can be taken when you get up or going to bed. This will improve your resistance power and help to fight the infection.

You can give your children soup of beetroot or carrot with little water to cook it. Add some grape juice in it to increase the taste that children will like.