Amla- Vitamin C Supplement

Amla- Vitamin C Supplement“Amla” the best supplement for Vitamin C deficiency is popularly known as Amalaki or Dhatri. Amla is an Ayurvedic product which is used extensively as an anti aging herb. That’s why it is also called as Rasayana.

Amla is much better than Orange Juice as it has nearly 20 times more Vitamin C present. Our body needs different level of Vitamins intake with the age. So, we need to take extra supplements if there might occur some deficiency. Amla is proved to act as a natural herb provides all the essential nutrients and mineral deficiency to the proper growth of the body.

Amla is one of its kinds which are very famous for its rich natural sources of Vitamin C. It is given the title of Indian Gooseberry. Amla gives proper nourishment to the body and helps rejuvenate the dead cells and help proper growth of the further new cells. It is also called as degenerative herb. Amla is having cooling effect on the skin as it helps to prevent skin from sun burn and heat effects.

Even studies have proved those who are taking Amla regularly are curbing their cancer risk by at least 80-90%. Regular use of Amla also provides a different glow to the entire body and making it more stable to changes.

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Benefits of Amla

  • Amla acts as a natural antioxidant which helps to improve Immunity.
  • It is the richest source of Vitamin C.
  • It protects cells from free radical damage.
  • It is an herb with anti ageing and anti stress elements.
  • It helps in preventing from Hair fall and dandruff problems.
  • It is rich source of Fiber, Phosphorus, calcium, iron, carotene, Riboflavin, thiamine, proteins and other minerals.
  • It is beneficial for having rejuvenating effect on dead and under grown Cells and tissues.
  • Its daily usage helps to improve Stomach related ailments.
  • It is also recommended in case of Diabetes and heart related troubles.
  • It is the best toner for gastrointestinal ailments.
  • Regular use of Amla increases the Eye Vision.
  • It also helps in food absorption in the body thoroughly.
  • Amla is having powerful cleansing properties which help to clear skin pigmentation, dark spots and Acne related problems.
  • It also treats various allergies and chronic cough and cold.
  • Due to its anti bacterial properties it is used in various cosmetic and medicinal products.

Uses of Amla:

  •  Amla is having anti ageing properties which prevents premature skin ageing and wrinkles. It tones up the skin and gives a perfect glow after few dosages.
  • It is also best home remedy for hair growth and thickness by stimulates the Hair follicles to increase the density of the Hair on scalp. It also stops graying of the Hair and dandruff problems. It is also used in various hair products as the best Hair conditioner.
  • It lowers the cholesterol level and also maintains the blood sugar level.
  • It is the best natural food for the brain as its use nourishes the brain cells and nerves to the fullest and helps regular blood supply to the region. It is also called as stress reliever as it provides calming effect to the nerves.
  • It increases memory and known through ages for increases alertness of the mind.
  • It is also good for wounds and cuts for having anti inflammatory properties.
  • As it is best to improve immunity so it increases overall health and well being of a person and increases Energy level.
  • It is a weight loss formula as it helps to increase metabolism and helps to burn extra fat from the body.

Brain Tonic:

Amla directly affects the central nervous system. It improves memory and alertness. It works to remove the dead cells and enhance nerve activity. It helps to circulate blood throughout the brain and provide proper nourishments to the brain functions.

Dental Problems:

Amla cures dental problems like bleeding gums, swelling, bacterial infections, scurvy etc. It has antibacterial agents which help to prevent bad breathe also.


Today every second person is affected by Diabetes because of abnormal functioning of pancreas. The blood sugar level gets increases as the body stops making insulin. But Amla having mix in taste helps to combat Insulin related problems and maintains blood sugar level naturally. Even Diabetic patients are recommended to take Amla empty stomach to control there Diabetes level.

Cardiac problems:

It is very much beneficial for strengthening heart muscles. It prevents blood clotting in the heart and helps to maintain smooth flow of blood all over the Heart.

Eye Sight:

It increases the vision and helps to prevent from Glaucoma and conjunctivitis. Its daily usage helps to improve Eye clarity and cure redness or any other infections.

Gastrointestinal ailments:

Amla helps in gastric related problems by reducing acidity, burning sensations, ingestion, or any other stomach problems.

Liver tonic:

It maintains the production of juices in the liver and prevents any kind of infections in the liver. It removes toxins from the liver. It has purification technique of the blood naturally.


Amla is known for having maximum number of ingredients in it. Amla has all the required minerals and proteins present in it. Some of the ingredients are:

  • Amino Acids
  • Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C
  • Chromium
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Phyllemblin
  • Curcuminoides
  • Linolenic acid

FAQ’s about Amla

Q: I am very sensitive to medicines will Amla help me anyway?

Ans: No problem if your body is sensitive, Amla is a totally natural and pure herb it will not pose any side effects. It suits to everybody. As it has no chemical treatment it is not at all bad for the health.

Q: I am already taking anti ageing medicines, is there any use to take Amla?

Ans: Yes, Amla is very much beneficial for delaying ageing process. It rejuvenates every cell of the skin and helps get back the younger looking skin. Even regular use of Amla will help you to leave all other medicines.