What Is Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a mental disorder. Alzheimer’s can occur because of the Genetic Reasons, Social or psychological reasons. It is the slow degeneration of the Brain activity affecting Memory, Language problem and pronunciation. The protein which is responsible for decrease in Brain activity is Beta Amyloidal protein. It is not necessary that Alzheimer’s only affect the Old aged but it equally retard the Younger or middle aged people.

Treatments for AlzheimerIn the brain the neurons gets tangled and there is loss of functioning of the cells which leads to dysfunction of Neurotransmitters. This is the main reason why the patient of Alzheimer disease does not remember things. This even makes it difficult to recalling certain important events of one’s life.

So, Alzheimer’s is one of those problems which can occur in the brain part but damage the whole Body functions. Due to prolonged Illness of Alzheimer problem one can even become Ignorant and lost the Memory. This makes life cumbersome. But it is very much necessary to keep a check on one’s mental status in order to control this problem.

Alzheimer Causes

There are so many reasons why this problem occurs but Medical science has proved some of them like:

Genetic makeup: The genes of the person are responsible for having the Alzheimer’s Diseases. It is the Genetic makeup which is blamed to the Cellular growth which varies with the age. A new cell replaces the original cells and may carry any deformity. A specific gene located on 19 chromosomes affect the onset of this problem.

Environment Influence: It can be one of the reasons of getting the Alzheimer’s diseases. Due to certain Trauma, relationship problem or some of the external effect person may become the patient.

Medications: Prolonged medical treatment which includes chemical usage can affect the brain functioning. Alzheimer’s can start its activity after continuous supply of the harmful chemicals. Due to chemicals the Brain of the person gets infected and then leads to impair growth.

Hypertension: This is a reason of getting the problem of Alzheimer’s diseases as it includes the flow of blood. If the blood flows more or less in the brain then it can affect its activity.

Alzheimer’s Disease Symptoms

The early symptoms of the problem can be detected in order to keep a check on this problem like:

The person is having difficulty in remembering words or names thus leads to loss of memory. Another symptom of this problem is having difficulty in concentrating on anything.

The person also forgets what he has to do or what the things he was doing are. Then the person faces the problem of difficulty in recalling the relations also. The person also face problem in retention power. The planning of the work becomes difficult.

The person also couldn’t learn new things. And also in organizing various things. There is continuous fluctuation in Moods and also Frustration and Anxiety also occurs.

The main symptom is person feels difficult in performing daily chores like Cooking, Cleaning, shopping etc which makes them entirely dependent upon their family members.

The person cannot remember numbers and also unable to perform Mathematical problems. The person also has Insomniac as the problem grows. There is difficulty in differing between Images or the pictures.

Alzheimer Treatments

Alzheimer is among those problems which is irreversible but still there are some hopes of recovering from this problems. In Alzheimer the first treatment is of Drugs and medical aid. It is that medication where the person is given certain chemical treatment which minimizes the harmful effect of the diseases. Then this problem can be treated long term with Natural products.

Natural therapies have certain essential herbs which help to provide positive result in the brain. Ayurvedic solution is the only solution which is very much effective and authentic for the Brain and its function. They have some of the well known herbs which have energizing effect for the brain.

But the most important thing one can do is to know the reason of the problem .It means one should be aware if there is any family history of this problem.

Also one should live more natural and healthy life means avoid processed food, exposure to Sun continuously, Pollution, too many medicines, Harmful gases, any injury etc. One should know what can be the possible reasons of getting this problem.

One should depend upon eating natural food like Fresh fruits and vegetables which supply extra amount of antioxidant to the body. And eating natural food also helps to increases the brain activity and makes it more secure.

The brain gets nourishment from Almonds, Milk, milk products, Fish, Eggs, and Amla Fruits like Apple, Papaya, and Oranges etc. So, eating a well balanced food can help in eliminating Alzheimer’s problem from the body.

There are some of the natural Herbs which are good for improving the mental healths are:

Brahmi, Amla, Aswagandha, Tulsi, Neem, Garlic, Ginshek, Shilajit, Triphala etc. All these are pure herbs which are good for the Brain function. They are natural don’t pose any side effects in the Brain.

How do you get Alzheimer’s Diseases

Alzheimer’s is a kind of Neurological disease which leads to loss of Neurons and Intellectual abilities. One can get this problem with the Age also. Yes Age is the biggest factor of getting this problem as the Brain cells gets older and prone to decrease their efficiency.

One can get this problem only if their Family history includes some cases of Alzheimer’s problem. The person is more prone to get this problem if their Family members are already suffered from this problem.

After this if there is some injury or accident which includes Brain injury and May leads to permanent loss of Memory. This can be totally irreversible.

The person is also able to get this problem if there is any problem like Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart attacks, Obesity etc. All these problems also impair the Brain activities. Some of the vitamin and mineral deficiency also leads to loss off Brain function.