Acne Introduction

Acne is basically a Skin problem. It affects the face. Acne troubled both Male and Females equally. The probable age of getting this problem starts from 12 years when the Hormonal changes occur. Most of the people ignore this as it may starts as normal Pimples but long term ignorance may leads to Severe Skin troubles. During teenagers this problem occurs more often which starts with the occurrence of Oil, dirt, or other germs in the pimples. Then Acne gets its shape and it becomes really difficult to cure this problem.


Acne is called as Acne Vulgaris in medical terminology. Acne is basically the involvement of Sebaceous gland which comprised of Pustules and papules means solid lesion occurs on the skin or puss occur in the Skin. Normally this sebaceous gland protects and Moistures the Skin and is very important for the Skin. But due to certain changes like extreme dirt, dust or germs infections it harms the Skin.

Acne can be Inflammatory which is swelling of the region and acute redness of the area. It includes Papules which is slightly elevated lesion of the skin. It can be dry and rougher Skin problem. The WBCs occur in the broken Follicular Wall in the Skin.

Then there is Pustules which is consistent of Puss cells in the pimples. The pimples look redder in color and may look large in size. The puss is basically the infection of the Skin. Another one is non inflammatory one which is seen as Whiteheads or Blackheads on the face. This problem contains dirt in the pores and occurs as Skin blemishes.

Neem also known as Azadirachta Indica or Nimba is a very famous herbal medicine for Acne. This herb is replete with thousands of qualities which not only cures the problem but also helps to get smooth and softer Skin. Neem is a wonderful antiseptic herb known to cure any kind of severe Acne problem. It is been used in medicines also in order to give relief from the problem naturally. Neem is a natural disinfectant which is used in various other medicines to cure Digestive related problems, Respiratory ailments, Skin troubles, Blood purifications etc.

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Neem is being used in cosmetic and other products like Soaps, Toothpaste, creams, oils etc. It is also well recommended in case of Ayurvedic products to cure long term Acne problems. Its strong essence helps in removing germs and other infectious microbes.

Causes of Acne

1. Acne occurs due to change in Hormones.

2. The other causes of Acne are lack of cleanliness of the body. Unhygienic conditions like irregular Bath or germs infect the Body which leads to Acne.

3. Also irregular eating habits are one such reason. Eating lots of processed food and too much Oil and salt also affects the Skin heath.

4. One reason is Lack of Oxygen supply to the Skin it means not getting fresh air and blockages of Pores of the Skin.

5. Other causes may be irregular Menstruation cycles of the females.

6. The problem of ingestion or constipation leads to Acne problem of the person. In rare cases the Dandruff can be one of the reasons of Acne problem.

7. Today one of the most important reasons to get Acne is Stress which is responsible for Anxiety, Insomnia and ultimately leads to Acne problem on the face.

8. Certain people use chemicals which harm the natural Skin. Chemicals or cosmetic affects the Skin texture and leads to Acne.

Symptoms of Acne

The visible symptoms of Acne are:

  • Scars on the face which looks like some kind of change in color of the Skin.
  • Rashes or Pimples which may look normal but are constant and getting darker and bigger day by day.
  • Extreme dryness or oiliness of the Skin which occurs due to seasonal changes and changes the basic Skin texture.
  • Skin irritation or Redness of the face like use of any chemicals which affects the Skin and skin look blemish.
  • Blackheads or whiteheads occur on the skin especially on the nose region.