5 Joint Pain Natural Remedies And Their Benefits

Joint pain and arthritis are two common issues most people complain about. Also they are responsible for leading to other health issues. Talking of arthritis, it makes the body joints swollen and hence makes it difficult to move around freely. Hence, arthritis patients reduce their movements and begin accumulating weight. This weight further enhances the blood pressure and cholesterol level along with other disorders. If you are searching for some magic remedy to get rid of arthritis, then you are going to be disappointed as there isn’t anything which you can adhere to. However there are some joint pain natural remedies which you can take up for keeping the pain under control.

Joint Pain Natural Remedies

Some joint pain remedies

Check out these 5 natural remedies for arthritis and joint pain:

Epsom salt soaking

This is considered as a classic remedy to keep any sort of joint pain or muscle pain under control. Epsom salt is rich is sulfates and magnesium and these minerals absorb through your when you soak your hand or feet in the Epsom salt water and thereby offer you the relief you are seeking. Just take luke warm water in a bowl, add 1 cup of Epsom salt to it and soak or hand or feet. In case of pain in any other body part, fill the bath tub with luke warm water and add 2 cups of Epsom salt and the soak your body in this water for about 20 minutes. You can even apply Epson salt directly over the affected area by mixing it with some drops of olive oil.


Today people hardly do exercise. Also the rate of moving around and doing all works individually has reduced with technological advancement. This makes the muscles stiff and if you one day end up walking a lot or working hard a lot, you will encounter joint pain. This is because of excess stress being exerted on the hips and knees. Exercise is one of the best joint pain natural remedies you have in hand in this case. Exercise will not just strengthen the affected muscles but will also reduce inflammation and pain. Enhanced muscles and joint strength will help you to avoid any injuries ahead.

Cold-hot packs

To get some relief from joint pain immediately, go ahead with cold-hot pack. Put a hot therapeutic solution over the affected area and leave the same for 20 minutes. Then apply cold pack i.e. ice and leave the same for 20 minutes more. Repeat this process and you will definitely get some relief.

Weight loss

Too much body weight exerts pressure over the bones and joints and hence you end up encountering bone disease like osteoporosis. The remedy that needs to be adhered in this context is shedding off those additional bulges that you have added on. Remember not only extra weight leads to joint issues but also welcome other health disorders.

Modification of diet and having enough supplements

Keep a check on what type of foods you are having. It is recommended to cut short too many fatty foods and enhance the intake of supplements like calcium, glucosamine and vitamin D.

Concluding note

Adhering to all these above mentioned joint pain natural remedies; you are going to benefit to a great extent.