What is Menopause?

Many have heard the word Menopause but few are aware about this problem. Menopause is the condition where woman hormones get changed and which leads to changes in her physiological system.

This state occurs after 45 years of age and may take some 4-5 years. But today with so many treatments the age of the Menopause gets changed to around 48-50 years. This is basically due to change in the lifestyle and work schedules.

But so many ladies overlook this problem as they are busier in their work and family balance. Even some may not experience the changes due to their insensitive nature.

Symptoms of Menopause:

  • The hormones changes lead to changes in the reproductive system.
  • The monthly Menstruation cycle stops.
  • There is occurrence of other problems like Arthritis, joint swelling, hot flushes, Blood pressure problems, diabetes etc.
  • Sometimes fighting with all the changes a woman may get nervous related disorders like Anxiety, depression, breakdown, mood swings, irritability in nature, short temperedness, memory related problems, insomnia etc.
  • There might be external changes like hair loss, skin darkening, ageing, loose skin, obesity etc.

These are some of the common causes of Menopause. Anyone if suffering from these problems and ignores these symptoms can make the problem severe. And it is seen that early detection and cure gives better life ahead. So a lady above 40 years needs to have a regular check up of her health.

Different types of problems:

There are basically three types of problems being named by Physician:

  • Vata Types: In this kind of problem the women faces numbness, muscles may feel pain all the time, continuous backache, cervical pain, insomnia etc.
  • Pitta Type: The woman feels hot flushes, wetness, mood swings, etc.
  • Kapha Type: low level of energy is seen in this type. Also the glucose level may vary.

The changes can also be categorized in this way:

Cardiovascular changes: Hot flushes and sweating.

Neurological changes: Emotional changes like paraesthesiae.

Locomotive changes: Backache, arthritis or arthopathy, fibrosis.

Endocrine System changes: Dryness in skin, memory loss etc.

Genital Tract Changes: Atrophy of Vulva skin. In this Vagina gets dry, atrophy of cervix occurs which leads to pain during sexual intercourse.

Evanova For Menopause Treatment:


Menopause can be treated well if the symptoms are noticed beforehand. Woman can control the symptoms and their effects considerably. The only thing she need is to look regularly for the symptoms and changes when start occurring. Today Menopause can be treated with various treatments but every technique is painful or has long term implications on health. With advent of science and research it is now possible to heal this problem with the help of essential herbs.

Buy Evanova for Menopause Relief

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Ayurveda provides the best healing technique in today’s Hi-Tech world that is Evanova. Evanova is a totally safe herbal therapy to heal the problem of Menopause. Evanova is the best technique instead of other treatments like Hormone Replacement Therapy etc. Evanova has a powerful ingredient Phytoestrogen which is known to gives soothing effect to all those Menopausal problems.

Benefits of Evanova:

  • It helps to regulate Hormonal imbalance.
  • The herbs present in Evanova gives calming effects to the stressed out mind.
  • It provides relief to the urinary tract related functions.
  • The regular use of Evanova provides relief from Hot flushes, swelling, blood pressure, diabetes etc.
  • Evanova can help to provide relief from Skin darkening, obesity, hair loss.
  • Arthritis, joint swelling, foot cramps etc all can be healed with the regular intake of this medicine.
  • It provides good effect to Anxieties, mood swings, insomnia, memory loss, short temperedness etc.
  • Regular use of Evanova helps to reduce ageing effects and help to gain overall well being.

Evanova can provide the youthful looks and confidence back. But it is to be used regularly as it is an herbal medicine and have herbs which needs time to shows its effects.


Evanova is to be taken daily 1-2 tablets depending upon the severity of the problems. If the women are taking pre menopausal precautions then she just need to have 1 tablet daily otherwise woman suffering from these problems need to have 2 tablets daily.

Home Remedies of Menopause:

1. Sage leaves are proved to have a healing effect during Menopause. Mix sage leaf with Honey to add some taste.

2. Lemon and lemon leaves have soothing effect from the problem of hot flushes etc.

3. Barberry and cypress tea is one of the old treatments of Menopausal changes.

4. Meadowsweet tea and Mugwort tea have calming effect of hormonal changes.

5. Tansy tea or pennyroyal tea and Marigold tea helps to have positive effect on temperament related problems.

Research has proved that those ladies who use Evanova regularly are much better in fighting the problems or the one during menopause start taking this medicine have reduced the effects of Menopause. Pre menopausal ladies should make it a habit of using this medicine. Doctors have found that taking some measures before helps to prepare the body to deal with the problem better.

While those during menopause want to start this herbal treatment need to increase the dosage. They also need to follow some dietary rules in order to be in proper state.

Menopausal phase can’t be reversed but research has proved that those in habit of taking good care of their body have increase the Menopausal time to at least 48-49 years. As there are some of the special herbs which are proved to have rejuvenating effect on the neurological as well as physiological system.

Even taking Evanova helps to have a good life Post Menopause. As the body is not faced with lots of changes and there are some herbs who starts the growth of the cells normally.

It is prescribed that to have a healthy life post menopausal one should properly have a diet regime where fruits, veggies, and all the nutrients needed to have a healthy life are included.

Have a healthy and stress free life.