Want To Have A Better Night Sleep- What To Eat And What Not To Eat?

The stress from working ceaselessly the whole day can make you feel exceedingly exhausted, but a better night sleep can vanish that well. But, what even after a tiring day, you are not able to sleep well? It would be even more exhausting because sleep is not only necessary to banish stress, but is also required for good health of the body. Extensive research done over this topic declares that there are many foods that can spoil the quality and amount of sleep, but at the same time, there are also many sleep promoting food items which help you to sleep well.

Here is a list of foods that work for and against your favor when searching for the best solution to have a sound sleep.

Sleep Promoters

Milk- During your childhood, your mother must have told you about the benefits of drinking milk daily. Milk contains calcium which is essential for bone health, but at the same time, it also possesses different compounds that are needed to have a great sleep. Milk has an amino acid called tryptophan, a brain chemical, that helps to sleep easily.

Cherries- Cherries contain melatonin, a chemical having properties to advance a peaceful sleep. It is said that when one drinks cherry juice regularly, then he or she can easily see improvement in the duration and quality of sleep. This is the reason why dieticians suggest cherries to patients with insomnia.

Sleep killers

Bacon hamburger- Bacon cheeseburger contains stratospheric fat that places it at the top of the list of sleep killers. Fat gives way to excess acid production in the stomach, that spills up into the esophagus and leaves you with a health condition named heart burn. Fatty foods reduce the esophageal sphincter that is a barrier between esophagus and stomach, this makes the stomach acid to travel to wrong places. So, one should not consume anything that is loaded with high amount of fats or salt, especially if you want to preserve your health and quality of sleep.

Wine- Any kind of alcohol or alcoholic beverage consumption directly puts a bad effect over the quality of sleep. The alcohol quickly metabolizes in the system, which makes you to wake up several times at night. A study done over the same said that drinking any alcoholic drink with caffeine or soda at bedtime decreases the amount of time you sleep at night. Not only it diminishes the sleep time, but also adversely influences the quality of sleep. Alcohol also makes you snore badly.

Coffee- Coffee has a high amount of caffeine that leaves a bad effect over the central nervous system. Drinking it, especially at bedtime, would keep you awake for more hours. The effect differs from person to person depending upon their sensitivity to caffeine and the quantity they consume. A simple solution to have a restful sleep is staying away from coffee, especially during the later part of the day.