Tips To Get Rid Of Dry Skin Problem During The Winter

dry skin problem in winterWinter brings enjoyment in many ways. At the same time, it can bring some health concerns also and dry skin is one such problem. However, this is not a medical condition and can be treated easily at home. It is necessary to keep your skin moisturized during winter in order to avoid dullness. Here are some simple tips to maintain your skin in winter.

Moisturize regularly

Every time you clean your face, do not forget to apply moisturizers. Apply it even after bathing or just simply washing your hands. You should know that the water and soap will clean your skin by removing the natural moisture from your skin and will leave it completely dry. In such conditions, your skin will become prone to cracking. Keep a body lotion which can be applied to your face as well. You should not use any strong cleaning products, which can have an impact on your dry skin and may even cause severe damage to your skin.

Take care of your lips

A cracking lip will give a very bad impression. Together, it will make you ugly. Chapped lips are easily visible, so you have to be careful of your lips’ health. Apply a good quality lip balm everyday to protect your lips from the harsh winter.

Your scalp needs equal attention

Dandruff problem is common, especially during the winter. It happens due to not taking an adequate amount of water or may be caused by the cold winds. These two factors can reduce the level of natural oils and moisture on the scalp; as a result, it tends to become dry and creates dandruff. One way to get rid of dandruff is a good massage with coconut oil or mustard oil. Apply and massage your scalp with any such lukewarm oils before hitting the bed.

Do not exfoliate your skin

Do not peel off your skin so frequently, whether in the face or in your body. When you are cleaning your face, do not do it with a strong scrubber. After exfoliation completes, you make the areas moisturized. As your skin becomes dry in the winter, it becomes weak and can easily develop flakes.

Do not take a hot shower

Keep your shower temperature at a regular boiling point to avoid any scalding on your skin. Hence it is better to use lukewarm water for bathing. It will not cause the skin to become dry. Before taking a bath, it will be ideal if you massage your body with body oils.

Take help of winter dietary supplements

To get rid of dry skin issues, you better equip yourself with some natural winter supplements. You can consume fish oil pills, which is a good source of omega 3 acid. Some other essential elements you should get in proper amounts are-vitamins A, D, E. Try to include some leafy vegetables, apples, walnuts and lean meat etc., in your diet to have better protection against dry skin problems.

Keep yourself hydrated

If you are using room heaters, during the winter, then try using a humidifier or ventilation in a repeated break. As your windows and doors will be closed in order to produce heat, the inside air will reduce the level of moisture and thus only dry air will be circulated repeatedly. In such conditions, you need to consume maximum water to fight against the winter dryness.

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