The Power Of Honey As A Natural Sweetener

Power Of HoneyHoney is the most natural sweeteners found in this earth. Apart from its sweetness, it is popular because of its disease healing nature that benefited people since time immemorial. Being a homemade remedy, it secretly saves us from many ailments. Let us discuss a few of them-

  • Aids the gastrointestinal tract- It prevents ulcers, the inflammation of the gastric tract caused by excessive secretion of gastric juice and bacteria.
  • Preventive of deadly diseases-The honey has antioxidants called flavonoids that destroy free radicals, responsible for causing cancers and heart diseases.
  • Honey prevents bacteria- The Hydrogen peroxide, an enzyme helps in the destruction of bacteria is produced by honey bees, as claimed by a new research. As it contains anti bacterial quality, it helps in drying of wounds. It is said to have equal effect like conventional medicines.
  • Healing of wounds-It acts as a performance drug, preferred by athletes in ancient days. It maintains glycogen levels in the body, helps in faster recovery from any injury including muscle pain. Within a few days of application in the wounded areas, one will get visible improvement. Hence, it is used in the process of dressing of wounds.
  • Prevention of throat related difficulties-It acts as a throat remedy, giving relief from cough. It provides relaxation by preventing cough and helping people to catch good sleep, it especially helps children to get rid of persistent night time cough, created by general cold.
  • It provides nourishment to the tissues-Honey goes deep into the tissues of our body and nourishes them. Hence, it is used in other medical preparations to enhance the performance of drugs. Honey provides almost all the necessary nutrients required for our body.
  • Controls diabetes- Honey controls blood sugar level in the body. Even if it contains sweet, it is not harmful for diabetic patients, and it is not like artificial sweeteners. It combines fructose and glucose that maintain blood sugar level and diabetic people can take it without any fear.
  • Honey produces good bacteria-Honey contains good bacteria as well for our body. So it has certain therapeutic quality by containing some species of good bacteria needed for our body.
  • It takes care of the skin-It helps in the nourishment of the skin. Also, it prevents bacterial infection in the skin. It provides necessary moisture in the skin and thus keeps it healthy. It is a homemade ingredient used in various beauty treatments. In all natural skin care formations, honey is of the main ingredients. It helps to curb any kind of skin allergies.
  • Protection from Scalp problems and dandruff- It helps in the well being of your scalp. It prevents itching caused by dandruff which leads to hair fall. Skin lesions can be removed by honey and hair fall will also be controlled if you apply honey on your hair and wash it off at regular intervals.

In short, Honey has been one of the most ancient traditional Indian medicine which helps in overall well being of your body. It works well for your eyes and helps to maintain an ideal weight.

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