The Importance of Immune System And Natural Medicines

Immune SystemNatural immune system is the defense mechanism that your body has to resist and win over any kind of diseases. Diseases are caused by bacteria, parasites and fungi. They are microbes or tiny organisms. They find human body as a place with good living environment and start to attack the body in various ways. At this point, your immune system starts its defense activities to push out or destroy the foreign organisms.

The Structure of the immune system

Lymphocytes are the white blood cells that are produced mainly by bone marrows. Bones are hollow in the center. There are soft tissues in the hollow centers. These tissues are known as bone marrows. The lymphocytes are the main warriors in the fight against the foreign organisms. They can travel anywhere in the body through blood vessels.

How they act against the foreign organisms

These lymphocytes use their own lymphatic vessels also for its travel throughout the body. They have a system of identifying the entry of the foreign organisms into the body and locate them. Immediately on seeing the attack of the foreign organisms, lymphocytes start their fight to throw them away from the body.

Immune system has a large amount of immune cells. There are certain cells to fight all kinds of foreign organisms. There are certain other cells meant for special fight with some specific foreign bodies. This is really a complicated system. When the human body is working with this system in an effective and strong manner, the diseases are cured in a little time. If the system does not work well, the diseases are not cured. At this point of time, you need supportive medicines. Natural medicines are very effective and harmless to the body with no side effects or minimum side effects.

Natural Herbs and Medicines serve a great role

Since a very long time, the medical world is considering natural herbs and natural medicines as very good alternatives to chemical based drugs. There is a variety of natural products.

Tulsi or holy Basil is a very common herbal plant that is used for a number of medicines for curing diseases in an effective manner. It has very good qualities to cool down the body. It is a fast reliever of stress in the muscles and calm down the same.

Tulsi is available almost in all seasons and throughout all the places. There are three varieties of tulsi, all of which have medicinal qualities.

  • Krishna Tulsi
  • Rama Tulsi
  • Vana Tulsi

They are having antiviral, antibacterial, anti-fungal properties and is known as an immune enhancer. The Ayurvedic system of medicines is making use of these herbal plants for its various medicines. They are effective in controlling and curing the following diseases:

  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Cardiac Disorders
  • Diabetes