Take More Attention in Matters Relating to Women Health

women healthThere is lot of health issues in respect of women that requires special consideration and attention. While talking about women health, their Heart health, bone health and breast health are the most important health concerns as it poses big issues.

Bones forms a major portion of the body. There are 206 bones in an adult’s body. These bones help the movements of the body and it protects internal organs. Your bones undergo a continuous process of removal of old cells in the bones and formation of new cells to replace the old cells as also for the growth of the bones that help the growth of the body.

Your bones contain mostly calcium. Foods that are having abundant calcium are milk and milk products. Vitamin D is playing an important role in absorption of calcium from food that you take. Sunlight too provides a good quantity of vitamin D that is absorbed by the body through your skin.

Women are generally face problems relating to bones when they reach their menopause. The bones become weaker with age. Cigarette smoking and consumption of alcohol increase the bone problem.

Adequate calcium-rich food intake helps in a long way to reduce bone problems. Regular exercise will help in maintaining bones in healthy condition.

Women are at as much risk of heart diseases and heart attacks as men are. Heart attacks are most common reason of death among elderly women. The reasons of heart diseases are more or less the same for women and men. Changing and monitoring your life style with healthy habits will help in reducing the problems of heart diseases.

You should take few steps that are important in reducing this risk.

  • Lose weight, if you are overweight.
  • Do not take foods rich in fats like burgers, pizzas, chips, fried foods and fast foods.
  • Maintain your blood pressure at normal level.
  • Maintain cholesterol at the requisite level.
  • Take lot of green vegetables.
  • Take healthy balanced food.

Breast disorder is a common problem faced by lot of women. Breast pain affects very young as well elderly women. It is felt before menstrual period. It is also occurs to women at their menopause period.

Breast pain is though a normal disease it can be an indication of breast cancer. If you take notice of unusual lumps in one or both of your breasts, you have to be more cautious in taking further examinations. Before that, as a first step, you make self-examination and find out the symptoms of any of the following:

  • Unevenly shaped lumps are noticed.
  • They are firmly fixed or attached to the wall of your breast.
  • They are solid in touch and feeling.
  • They are hard in nature.
  • The surrounding skin color changed to red.
  • Appearance of wrinkles at the location of lumps.
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