Surprisingly High Beauty Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is believed to be the best stimulating beverage loved by millions of people around the world, which they prefer to have as the first thing when they wake up in the morning. The benefits of coffee are known to almost everyone, but I am sure that very few people know about the skin benefits offered by the same. Coffee contains caffeine, which makes it fully capable to deal with inflammation. It lessens stress as well. Coffee is anti-inflammatory in nature, which makes it a great skin caring agent too. Coffee bean also has polyphenols and also includes sufficient antioxidants. It can be used topically for easing puffiness and also to reduce inflammation. You can additionally try different DIY skin treatments with it.

Coffee based DIY Skin Care Treatments Offering Beauty Benefits

Coffee is  highly preferred for its incredible taste, but there are also other reasons which prompt you to have more coffee.

Reduces Eye Puffiness

Not sleeping properly, too much strain to the eyes and some medical reasons, leave a person with puffed eyes, which is a strict no for a beautiful appearance. In this case, coffee can work wonderfully for you. Coffee can be applied topically on the skin, this would stimulate the blood vessels under the skin and make the area free form inflammation and puffiness. You can also use an under eye cream containing caffeine as its major ingredient. This would definitely do the task in favor of you.

A perfect skin exfoliator

The old coffee grounds can be used for skin exfoliating purposes. Some beauty experts believe that rubbing the coffee beans on your skin can help in keeping away the dead skin cells and also give a smoother skin effortlessly. To extract more benefits from the same, one can add some drops of olive oil to coffee beans and then rub them over the skin. The olive oil coffee scrub produces amazing results, which are comparatively far better than any of the costly beauty care products.

Leaves you with glowing skin

The dark coffee grounds contain several components that serve to brighten the dull skin. To prepare a skin brightening coffee mask you can mix yogurt, coffee and oatmeal in the form of a face pack. Take a spoon of coffee and add the same amount of yogurt and powdered oatmeal. Put all of them together in a bowl and mix well to prepare a fine paste. Honey can also be added to the mixture as per choice and availability. Apply this pack over your face and neck. Rinse after 30 minutes. Both coffee and oatmeal are believed to be perfect exfoliators, and oatmeal and yogurt work to smoothen and soften skin. So their combination is bound to deliver magical results.

Tighten the skin

Caffeine is diuretic in nature and is excellent for banishing cellulite when applied topically. To get the desired results, you can add coconut oil to coffee beans with a pinch of sea salt. Mix well and apply. Rinse after 30 minutes. Regular usage of this would provide you with a smoother and flawless skin that is free from all kinds of skin problems.


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