Smile Away Your Health Worries With Good Oral Care

Oral CareThe importance of healthy teeth and gums is undeniable. Being the main pathway to our body, mouth holds clue to overall health. Research says that oral health indicates the overall wellness of your body. Oral health comprises of complete care of gums and teeth. If these parts of the mouth show any sign of deterioration then it is time to pay attention to the concerned issues as this could be the onset of many other ailments in your body.

Early signs of gum disease are:

  • Bad breath
  • Bleeding gums especially during brushing and flossing
  • Red, tender or swollen gums
  • Retreating gums or loose teeth

If you are facing the above mentioned symptoms it means you are in urgent need of rectifying these warning signs of your gum problems. Gum disease generally refers to gingivitis, that is to say, inflammation of gums. It is a serious infection that can cause destruction to your gums and teeth. Poor oral hygiene leads to other diseases that may happen to you. Here is a list of such illnesses:

Heart Attack

Organisms/microbes that cause plaque between your teeth are the main cause behind bleeding gums. Through blood stream these organisms get into your heart system causing blood clots by attaching themselves to already existing fatty deposits in arteries.


The continuous recurring infection in the body due to gum diseases increases the risk of developing diabetes.

Stomach Ulcers

Research shows that our very mouth is the reservoir for the bacteria which causes ulcers in stomach.

Lung Disease

In many cases it has been diagnosed that people with gum diseases are more prone to lungs’ disorder. Plaque in the mouth gets transferred through the tubes that are inserted for breathing while having any medical treatment and infects the respiratory organs.

You can reduce the chances of having any gum disease by adopting few habits in your daily routine.


Brush your teeth daily for two minutes twice a day.


Gargle with any good mouthwash to keep the bacterial growth in check.


Use dental floss to remove the food particles that get stuck between your teeth and are hard to remove just by brushing. First learn properly how to floss otherwise you will hurt your gums.

Dental check-up

Regular check-up by dentist is must for your complete oral health.


Avoid consuming tobacco in any form.

Apart from the above mentioned preventions one should always take proper nutrients in diet especially Vitamin A and C that are beneficial for your oral health. On getting these early warnings, one should always consult a dentist. Make sure to share complete details of your medical history and the medications if any that is currently going on. Regular cleaning and removal of bacteria, plaque and tartar is essential to have healthy gums and shiny teeth.