Simple Tips To Enhance Your Memory

Enhance Your MemoryOur brain stores the memory in its hippo campus part. This part can be called as the library of the brain. It can release both short term and long term memory as well. As human life progresses, the memory tend to become weak as brain nerve cells get dried. People find it difficult to remember something in a short notice. This memory loss is a part of the natural process, though sudden memory loss due to a medical condition is different, like in case of Alzheimer patients who slowly lose their memories. In case of natural memory loss, we can improve them by using mnemonic devices or retention devices and many other methods at home.

Associate things to remember facts in detail

What you can do is to create an imaginary condition in your mind to remember every important thing. Just associate the word to any visionary thing, whatever comes to your mind. This may sound very silly, but it can actually help you a lot. It will forever present in your mind.


It is an innovative concept to remember things. It refers to the process of presenting information by categorizing them into different parts. This not have coarse process will split the information into small chunks or small pieces to make it easy for you to remember anything. It will give you a faster understanding of any fact. Thus, it will benefit you in two ways, easy remembering and faster understanding of facts.

Take help of rhymes

By using rhymes, you can be successful in remembering something. You can collect such rhymes from the internet and can start associating them with the fact or word you want to keep in mind.

Choose acronyms

Acronyms are a wonderful way to recollect things by viewing the initial letters of any word and create a conjunction of words on that. You can create a list of words through this method.

Eye exercises

Some research has said that by making a movement of your eyes from both sides will help you remember things. It is a simple eye exercise to be continued for 30 seconds regularly will help to merge the two parts of the brain and will make it very active. It is better to perform this exercise in the morning time.

Rosemary oil

Studies show that by smelling rosemary oil on a regular basis one can improve his memory a lot. It was also a method adopted by the ancient Greeks to recollect things faster and better. This practice will specially help during the exam days.

Simple brain exercise

Getting your brain involved in complex and puzzle things will only help to make it active. Try solving different games like Sudoku, Crosswords to push out your brain from its comfort zone. Your memory will bound to improve.

Say things loudly

Saying things loudly will help to create an idea in your brain and will stay it longer. Repeat things for several times aloud will give you a faster recollection of things.

Reduce stress

Try to adopt yoga and other deep breathing exercises to reduce stress as it is one of the main reasons behind poor memory. Extreme stress leads to loss of concentration and make it difficult to remember things. Improve your lifestyle and diet will contribute a lot in the memory enhancing process.

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