Shilajit for Anti Aging Herb, Increase Sex Drive


Shilajit is a pure revitalizing herb for the body. This herb is famous for having energy boost for a perfect life. It increases physical health and improves stamina. Shilajit literally means Rock Like. So, it is best known to provide strength and energy to the body just like a rock.

Shilajit comprises of:

  • Peptides
  • Amino acids
  • Phenol glycosides
  • Uronic acid
  • Humaic acid.
  • Folic acid

All these ingredients help to fulfill the need of nutrients in the body. It not only activates the dead cells but also helps to boost energy level. Shilajit is one of its kinds which are having so much of energy which can reverse the aging process considerably.

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With the regular use of Shilajit it is found in the studies that it increases the stamina, improves memory, delays aging, combat hormonal changes, and makes ones body strong enough to fight against various seasonal infections.

As it is free from any side effects it is best for all kind of age groups even old people can find relief from joint pains, muscles cramps, hair loss, skin problems, respiratory related troubles, blood pressure etc.

Increase Sex Drive:

With age a person’s body undergoes changes whether mental or physical all due to Hormonal changes. This reduces the Sex drive of a person. The reduction of interest in sex life later increases the stress level of a person and they become prone to other diseases. Reduction of Testosterone level is blamed for reduction in the level of interest in sex life. Then it may lead to other problems like reduced interest in sex drive, stamina reduction etc.

Other problem occurs because of Testosterone level is erectile dysfunction. Due to reduced level of Testosterone erection gets delayed and that reduces the interest in sex life. While other causes are hypertension and arthrosclerosis which diminishes the blood flow to the genital area. Nervous disorders like Anxiety, stress etc and fatigueness of the body are some of the causes of reduced interest in sex life.

Shilajit is known through ages for its reviving effect on the body. It helps in increases sex drive of a person. It helps in increasing sperm count, cures erectile dysfunction and prevent premature ejaculation of a male. It is just like Viagra which is a chemically treated medicine cures male fertility. But it is totally natural herb and enhances libido.

Among Women it enhances sex drive. It is beneficial for Menopausal condition. It provides natural glow to the women and help them to remain active for long. It provides nourishment to the cells and thus helps a woman to fight against aging process.

Benefits of Shilajit:

  • It prevents premature aging process and delays it further.
  • It is having soothing effect on brain and thus relives from Anxiety and stress.
  • Shilajit is best known to increase Sex drive of a person.
  • It is the well known medicine for Arthritis and joint pain related problems.
  • It cures muscle pull and muscular cramps.
  • It controls the regular and proper blood flow in the body and thus controls Diabetes or blood sugar level naturally.
  • It increases the process of Metabolism of the body.
  • It has purification agent which help to purifies blood and enhances the complexion.
  • It helps to dissolve extra fat around the arteries and help to circulate blood normally.
  • It helps to increases the Immunity of a person. And thus make one’s body more strong to withstand allergies and infections.
  • It nourishes the reproductive tract. In male it helps to fight against Impotency and Low libido related problems.
  • It fights with general fatigueness of the body.
  • It also prevents inflammations.

Increases Blood flow:

Shilajit is having basic ingredient as Folic acid which helps the body to absorb Iron easily. Iron is the main nutrient of Hemoglobin which is present in Red Blood cells or RBCs. Iron supply oxygen to the body and its deficiency may lead to improper functioning of cells.

Stress Buster:

Shilajit is known to have a calming effect on the nervous system. It suppresses the stress level and soothes the nerve cells. It enhances the proper blood supply to the brain and keeps it in a healthy condition.

Reproductive Tract:

Shilajit helps to attain a well developed reproductive function. It cures all vaginal related problems like Swelling, menstrual pains, problem in conceiving etc.


Shilajit maintains blood sugar level naturally and diminishes the level of Diabetes. So, many people suffering from Diabetes depend upon Insulin injections and other medications but Shilajit helps control the level of Diabetes naturally.


It helps to relieve pain in the joints and strengthen the joints to function properly. It enhances blood flow in the joints and thus act as an anti oxidant agent for the joint.

Urinary Problems:

It cures all urinary related troubles. It cures urinary infection, burning sensation in urine, discharge of urine etc. it is beneficial in stone in the kidney also.


As it is the best source of increases the level of RBCs in the body. It helps to fulfill the deficiency of Iron in the body.

Cholesterol Level: With the help of Shilajit a person can minimize the Cholesterol serum level. It considerably helps to lower down the triglycerides and phospholipids serum among the people found to be high in cholesterol level.

Anti-inflammatory agent: It has been proved through various studies that Shilajit reduces the edema effect of chemicals. It has antioxidant agents which provide relief from Inflammation also.

FAQ’ about Shilajit:

Q: I am in early 40s and feel lethargic more often; will it be of any help to me?

Ans: It is proved that a person from any age group regain their energy level easily. Shilajit helps to increases stamina and provide required nutrients to have an active life.

Q: I am facing problem in maintaining my sex life, do you recommend this herb?

Ans: Shilajit is very much trustworthy in case a person is losing interest in sex life. It is known through ages for its enhancing Sex related feelings.

It should be taken at least 2-3 tablets per day. To see good results combine healthy diet with this herb.