Nutrients that Would Make You Feel Awesome

Nutrients Make You Feel Awesome

It is a scientifically proven fact that vitamins and minerals rich foods not only make the body healthier and fitter, but they also increase the happiness level by reducing depression symptoms. Are you still not convinced that food can make you happy? Researchers say that there is a direct connection between food and brain. And, there are some nutrients which boost moods of a human. If you eat such foods, you would feel happier and all your worry would be gone! Read on to know what these amazing foods are:


Till now, you were thinking that calcium is only for strengthening bones and teeth, isn’t it? Yes, it is, for sure! But, in addition to that, calcium also helps to regulate fluctuations of mood, which happens to most of us. Scientists say that calcium is the best nutrient that helps in controlling PMS related depression symptoms. Now onwards, start taking calcium rich foods such as Collard greens, Yogurt, Ricotta and milk so as to look and feel happier than ever.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is commonly known as Vitamin B9 or Folate, in short. Have you ever wondered why it happens sometimes that you feel like not talking to anybody? Well, it may be due to Serotonin. Serotonin regulates social behavior and various other functions carried out by human brain. Folic acid is a substance that helps the body to create new cells and regulate the production of serotonin in body. Also, efficiency of anti-depressants in the body would be kicked up by the intake of Folate. Some Folate rich foods are Spinach, Asparagus, Avocado, Black Eyes Peas and Brussels sprouts.


Everybody knows that deficiency of iron makes a body look weaker. Perhaps that is the reason our mother used to give us iron-rich food in childhood. Iron not only provides muscle strength but also keeps depression and fatigue miles away. If you are a woman, then it is more likely that your body would be affected by iron anemia. Mood change would not occur further, if you eat adequate quantity of Lentils, turkey, fortified oatmeal, soybeans and beef ribeye.


A small amount of magnesium in the body performs around 300 vital tasks. Most of the tasks it performs include keeping away irritability, mental confusion, fatigue; stress etc. just like Folic acid, magnesium is another substance that helps in the regulation of serotonin. What’s more amazing – Magnesium helps in regulating human feelings and emotions! There are various sources of magnesium such as peanuts, cashews, spinach, almonds and edamame.

Vitamin D

It is taught to children in schools that sunlight helps the body to produce Vitamin D. In addition to enhancing the immunity of the body, good levels of Vitamin D helps to keep depressive symptoms away. Proper intake of Vitamin D rich food would help you keep away from feeling blue and would regulate your mood. Do not forget to eat Vitamin D rich foods, particularly during winters, as you won’t be able to get any Vitamin D without sunlight, remember? Some Vitamin D rich foods are Salmon, Cod liver oil, swordfish, milk and mushrooms.

So, which happiness giving food did you eat today? Do tell us in comments!

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