Natural Ways To Grow Your Hair Long And Shiny

Hair is a natural beauty and hence it needs natural care to protect them. People take much pain to grow their hair and get sleepless nights if they find them falling gradually. So, hair is a precious thing and especially for women,it is a jewel of their beauty. Irrespective of whatever chemicals you use, here are some natural means to grow their hair.

8 Ways To Grow Your Hair Long And Shiny

1. Condition your hair at regular intervals

A moisturizing shampoo will only help you to clean your scalp and will reduce the amount of natural oil on your scalp. So, it is better to use a conditioner, as it leaves a good amount of nourishment to your hair and help them to grow. So, use a moisturizer who has a good rating and has a nice smell. Apply conditioner on your hair at regular intervals and leave it for at least some minutes to get that extra moisture and shine.

2. Consume water in maximum amounts

Water is a very good element in our body, including our hair. It leaves us hydrated and helps in keeping our skin moisturized and healthy.

3. Clean your scalp

A regular washing of your hair will reduce the amount of natural oils on your scalp and it will hamper hair growth. Wash your hair every after 3 days to keep it clean from the dirt’s and oils. Due to regular contact with the outside world, it brings a lot of dirt, dust which reaches the hair follicles and creates a clog which restricts hair growth. It also keeps the hair shaft clean and healthy.

4. Rinse your hair with cold water

If you rinse your hair with hot water, it will wash out the moisture and natural oil from your hair, while cold water will keep it intact. It seals the cuticle and locks in moisture/oils, leaving your hair silky and smooth. Washing in hot water will leave your hair frizzy while cold water will leave it smooth and silky. Always use a heat protectant spray or lotion while using certain hot tools like straighteners, curling irons, dryers, crimpers, etc. It solves a dry hair problem and offer moisture and protects you from split ends.

5. Don’t comb on wet hair

Donts with hairsIt is a normal thing every one of us can notice. If you try tocomb your hair, which is still in a wet condition, it will fall quickly. Hair in a wet condition is weak and stands the pressure. It will cause breakage and hair split. Your hair isn’t as strong as when it’s wet as it is when it’s dry. A brush will cause breakage and split ends. First, slowly finger comb your hair and try to use a detangler.

6. Multivitamins are good for your hair

Vitamins are essential requirements for our body that keeps our skin, hair and nails healthy. A regular vitamin intake will contribute in the development of your hair faster.

7. Protein helps in hair growth

Protein makes your hair strong exactly like your body. Take eggs, legumes, bacons and plants which help to increase your hair volume.

8. Trim down your hair if you get split ends

As we all know, hair grows from the top. So, if you develop split needs, just cut them down, because if you don’t cut them, they will go up and cause breakage on your hair.

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