Triphala is a natural herbal compound and a very powerful ayurvedic medicine used widely over Indian and outside India as well. As the name suggests Triphala is combination of two words Tri (means three) and Phala (means Fruits), and it contains equal proportions of three fruits: Amala (Indian Gooseberry), Vibhitaki (Bellirica Myrobalan) and Haritaki (Chebulic Myrobalan). This medicine is an effective care taker of body’s internal organs by promoting internal body cleansing and improving assimilation and digestion. Triphala has numerous health benefits and helps in protection of body organs along with improving their functioning. It is a very effective body cleanser so that energy is channelled and used in a better way.

Triphala has a powerful combination of herbs in it and the three fruits with which it is prepared help in cleansing the colon, enhancing strength of immune system, urinary tract, muscles and lungs. It is very effective in treating digestive disorder in body, the disease termed as Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). It keeps the liver healthy and effectively flush out all the harmful body toxins for better digestion and functioning.

What are the signs and symptoms of GERD?

The very common symptom of having Gastroesophageal reflux disorder is seen when you burp and feel acid taste in the mouth and the heartburn that one feels when suffering from this disease. Other less frequent symptoms of this disease are:

  • Acid regurgitation that means feeling the taste of the food in your mouth after eating it
  • Pain while swallowing food
  • Heartburn sensations
  • Sudden excess saliva
  • Cavities
  • Bad breath
  • Hoarseness
  • Inflammation of gums
  • Chest pains
  • Chronic sore throat

What are the different causes of GERD?

The cause for this digestive disorder is scientifically termed as Hiatal Hernia (stomach abnormality). But what causes this disorder has several other causes related to life style of person or other medical conditions. Some of the causes are listed below:

  • Eating large meals
  • Lying down immediately after having heavy meals
  • Being overweight
  • Drinking and smoking habits
  • Snacking close to the bedtime
  • Eating heavy meal and then lying on your back, bending over at waist
  • Taking ibuprofen, aspirin or blood pressure medications.

How can GERD be treated?

GERD is generally caused due to improper life style of a person and improving them can help in curing this disease. But the most effective way to treat this digestive disorder is using ayurvedic medicine Triphala which is a natural prokinetic cleanser and a powerful herbal compound. The herbal compounds that are present in Triphala provides support for digestion by ensuing that digestive tracts are clean and are working at optimal levels. It relieves the constipation problem and regularize digestive system without disturbing balance of the body.

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Triphala when consumed for a long time also helps in reducing the excess weight of the body. It simulates the intestinal walls, has a colon cleansing effect and acts as a laxative for helping in smooth elimination process. Triphala helps in all sort of gastrointestinal motility disorders like Dyspepsia, Gastro paresis and Constipation problems. Widely used and considered the best ayurvedic treatment of Gastroesophageal reflux disease.

What are the main ingredients of Triphala?

Triphala is made from three very powerful herbal fruits mentioned above. But apart from them it also has several other important ingredients like:

  • It has nutritional elements in it for cleansing of blood and liver.
  • It is rich in polyphenols that acts as powerful antioxidants.
  • Chebulic Myrobalan present in Triphala contains anthraquinones that helps to stimulate peristalsis.

Some health benefits of Triphala

The many of Triphala health benefits are listed below:

  • It corrects occasional constipation and helps to relieve constipation fast.
  • Cleanses the gastro intestinal tract and tonifies it.
  • It detoxifies whole body and so improves assimilation and digestion processes.
  • It is very effective in all types of digestive disorders.
  • It promotes normal blood circulation and blood pressure.
  • It stimulates peristalsis and bile flow.
  • It improves the liver health.
  • It supports the body’s inflammation response.

The required dosage for this medicine

  • Adults: One capsule of Triphala twice a day. If in syrup format then 15 ml (3 spoonfuls) two times a day.
  • Children: One capsule per day. If in syrup format then 7.5 ml twice every day.

Some precautions to be taken

  • Overdose of this colon cleansing pills or long use of the medicine can cause some side effects. So consult doctor before increasing the dosage of medicine.
  • Medicine should not be taken after meal. It is preferred to take medicine 1 hour before meal with hot water/milk.
  • For occasional constipation only. In case of frequent problem it is advised to consult the doctor immediately.

Some effective home remedies advice to treat GERD

GERD can be very effectively controlled by following some home remedies given below:

1. Decrease caffeine, alcohol intake.
2. Limit meals when treating it with Triphala medicine. Avoid heavy meals.
3. Elevate head of bed by some 6-7 inches.
4. Avoid theophylline if possible.
5. Do not lie down immediately after eating meal.

What diet is recommended for GERD?

Certain food items like chocolate, mint, garlic, onions, tomato and other citrus fruits and fatty food can accelerate this disorder. So it is advisable to avoid them in your daily food and eat not-so-heavy meals. Keep diet light and nutritious.

FAQs about Triphala:

Q- Are all the fruits this beneficial?

A- The fruits are considered to be the best part in our diet but the three fruits in Triphala are rare and have real cleansing actions in body. Triphala is unarguably the Superfruit!

Q- Is Triphala a colon cleanser?

A- Triphala is the best formula ensuring proper cleansing for improving digestive functions of the body.

Q- Can Triphala be taken along with Tulsi?

A- Tulsi is considered to be the excellent carrier for Triphala amplifying its actions and strengthening its tonic actions.

Q- Is Triphala safe to take during Pregnancy?

A- Though it is not recommended to send energy downward during pregnancy conditions but still if needed the just small doses of Triphala can be taken, 1 or 2 capsules not more than that.

Q- Do Triphala use whole fruit in it?

A- Triphala is only prepared by the pulp of fruits as the seeds of these fruits are highly toxic and should not be added in its making.