Brahmi for Improve Memory, Relieve Stress Fast, Headache

Brahmi is the most important flowering plant used in Ayurvedic Indian medicines. This powerful ayurvedic medicine is used as a brain tonic for treating diseases like Alzheimer disease, insomnia, memory loss, mental stress and many more. Used in ayurvedic science from centuries now, this medicine supports all the mental functions. It is also used as a nootropic that enhances cognitive abilities. Brahmi is basically a nervine tonic used for enhancing learning and memory retention of person improving mental ability and academic performance of children. Its powerful anti-anxiety action also helps to relieve stress fast and used in other mental disorders as well.

Commonly used for Alzheimer’s disease and other mental disorders, Brahmi is a well-established ayurvedic solution to all such disorders from early ages and considered best in all other natural headache remedies. It shows significance improvement in visual information processing, state of anxiety, learning capability and memory consolidation.

What are signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a very dangerous neurological disorder in which brain cells damage or their death causes memory loss and other mental disorders and gets progressively worse. Finding the symptoms for this disease is not always easy as the signs shown in this disease are common for some other lesser dangerous mental disorders. So out of all the symptoms mentioned below at least two of given symptoms must be satisfied for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease.

  • The declined ability for taking in new information and remembering it for a long time
  • Impairment to complex tasking, reasoning, judgement
  • Impaired visual information gasping
  • Changes in mood and behaviour due to mental stress
  • Loss of memory retention capacity

What causes this Alzheimer’s disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is one form of Dementia that is caused due to death of brain cells and being a neurodegenerative disease it progressively worsens over a time period. The causes that are likely to make you suffer from this disease are:

  • If you are older you are more prone to this disease. However aging is not the main cause for it.
  • This disease may also occur due to some genes linked to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Being female, having history of head trauma and having high blood pressure for a very long time are also identified as cause for this disease. But these causes are not well proven so doctor consultation should be taken before relying solely on these causes.

How can Alzheimer’s disease be treated?

There is no permanent cure for this disease and after the diagnosis of it, using proper medication and drugs it can only be controlled or slow down its rate. The ayurvedic science has though found a very effective solution of this problem. The solution is Brahmi medicine, an effective ayurvedic drug for treating such mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and others. Brahmi medicine helps to slow down the progression of this disease and manage its symptoms effectively. It slows down the rate at which these disorders’ symptoms worsen more and more.

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Brahmi is used for Alzheimer’s disease as it increases the production of certain brain chemicals that helps in thinking, memory and learning abilities of a person. It is also believed that Brahmi medicine provides protection to the brain cells from some harmful chemicals that are linked by the Alzheimer’s disease. Brahmi extracts improves the cognitive capabilities and also mitigates the further reduction or death of brain cells caused due to this disease.

What are the main ingredients of Brahmi?

The active constituents of Brahmi medicine are:

  • Alkaloids like Brahmine, nicotine, herpestine.
  • Saponins, hersaponin, monnierin. The hersaponin have sedative and cardiotonic properties.
  • Bacosides A and B for hemolytic actions.
  • Betulic acid and sterols.
  • Stimastorol, bacopasaponins, bacoside and betasitosterol.

The many benefits of Brahmi

Brahmi has several health benefits and is a native Indian Ayurvedic treatment of brain related disorders. The anxiolytic effects, memory enhancement and cognitive improvements by this medicine have made it popular among all other ayurvedic drugs for such disorders. Some of the important benefits of this medicine are listed below:

  • It improves cognitive capabilities, focus and promotes mental clarity to the person.
  • Acts a memory enhancer that helps in learning and remembering capabilities of person thus significantly improve your memory.
  • Used for treatment and initial stage control of Alzheimer’s disease from becoming worse.
  • It has neuroprotective effects on the body.
  • It a very powerful stress reduction medicine for fast relives of mental stress.

The required dosage of Brahmi medicine

  • For memory improvement and thinking: 300 mg extract of Brahmi per day. If Brahmi infusion available then it should be taken 10 to 15 ml every day.
  • For adults: Brahmi extract at ratio of 1:2 taken in 4-12 ml per day.
  • For children within 12 years of age: 2-4 ml intake per day.
  • The extracted juice of Brahmi can be taken 10-20 ml for three times per day.

Some precautions to be taken

  • Do not use it if taking estrogenic replacement therapy.
  • Do not use it if taking birth control pills.
  • Do not use it if taking phenothiazine.

Some effective home remedies to treat Alzheimer’s disease

Since this disease has no permanent cure so it is advised to take proper care of body to prevent this disease. Proper food and daily exercise is recommended for controlling it. Also the moral support of family members towards suffering person can help him/her in relieving some mental tension.

What is the diet recommended for Alzheimer’s disease?

  • Low fat diet is generally preferred for this disease.
  • Reduction in intake of linoleic acid found in dairy products.
  • Eat meals rich in omega-3 fatty acids like tuna, salmon and other cold-water fish.

FAQs about Brahmi

Q- Are there any side effects of Brahmi?

A- No, Brahmi is a pure ayurvedic medicine and so has no side effects. But doctor must be consulted before taking the medicine.

Q- Does Brahmi helps in stress relief?

A- Brahmi has anti-anxiety action in it and so is very helpful in getting fast relieves from mental stress.

Q- I am taking contraceptive pills. Can I take Brahmi dose now?

A- It is NOT recommended to take Brahmi dosages if taking birth control pills.

Q- Though my eyesight is good but still I have problem in processing visual information. Will Brahmi help me with this?

A- Brahmi increases catalase levels and glutathione peroxide levels in body that helps in improving brain performance and so helps in speeding the visual information processing speed significantly.