Increase Sperm Count

Infertility in Men

Infertility in Men

So, you are having the problem of less sperm count and that’s why yourlady is not able to conceive. Before looking for the ideas to increase sperm count you have to understand what exactly cause infertility in men. It is true that low sperm can gives way to infertility but sometimes it may be due to unusual sperm like in some cases sperm don’t reach to the shape which makes the sperm able to fertilizing the egg.

Even the count and quality of sperm is very much necessary as some men have the problem in the way which sperm moves and this condition is sperm motility. But you needn’t to worry as here you can get the answer of how to improve sperm motility. Diet plays wonderful role in improving the motility of sperm. Even some recent studies say that those who have low carnitine diet face the sperm motility. The two proteins named L- carnitine and acetyl- L- carnitine are what they can improve sperm motility and the reason behind this, they are able to shift fatty acid to place so that they can createenergy necessary for sperm.

Another studies said that diet which is rich in zinc is helpful to increase sperm count and sperm motility. Also, have a balance diet for health of whole body. Diet which has whole unprocessed food is good for the sexual health. Some miracle foods for sexual health are legumes, grains, vegetables, seeds, nuts and fruits. Drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. Raw seeds of sunflower are also good for male fertility. Take ¼ cup of seeds on daily basis.

Sperm motilitySperm motility can be due to deficiency of a specific hormone. But it can be treated with some medicines. A rare cause of sperm motility is hormonal issue. Even this can’t be cured by taking any medicines or supplements. But you have to take prescription of doctor before inhaling any medicine as some of the medicines put side effects and this directly put effect over sperm count by making it lesser or weaker and less than desired. Tobacco is responsible for the same and it even put some bad effects over health too. Alcohol has same kinds of bad effects too.

Usually man used to hide their infertility and don’t go for male infertility treatment. This non treated problem even put effect over the self-esteem of a man. Man remains frustrated and away from near and dear onesby thinking that he is not able to give birth to baby.Even some of the medical tests show that what is the problem affected you and so that the path of treatment becomes easy for you.

Infertility and impotence are two different things but usually people think they are same. Infertility is actually when man is not able to produce a child. Medically, if a couple remain infertile even after 11/2 years of unprotected sex and even both are healthy and fit.Then the man is known as infertile. Even years ago, only women were thought responsible and blamed for not being pregnant. Today about 15-20% of couples facing problem of infertility and half of the cases are due to male infertility. About 10% of all the males are infertile.

Male Infertility vs. Impotence

To understand, how impotence and infertility are different you may take a look below. Failure to distinguish the both is the main issue which should be thought twice. Impotence is what when a man is not able to realize or tolerate erections which are necessary important for any sexually satisfactory intercourse. Totally impotent man can be fertile if his semen is inseminated in the wife.Whereas infertility in man means a person who can’t produce a child. Then semen checked for fertility or sub fertility. Infertile person has a normal sexual life on the other hand.

Useful Tips

Some of the other easy way to treat infertility is that you have to depend over exercises as this is helpful to lessen stress. But excess of everything is bad as in place of providing relief it can cause damage. Even bicycling is one of thesekinds of exercise. Person who hasless dense semen must do the sexual intercourse at least after gap of three days for making it denser. For proper blood circulation, massage the body using herbal oil. Sex should be done at early morning or at noon as at this time of the day sperm level is at its maximum. Wear ventilated innerwear as tight innerwear can increase the testicles’ temperature. Spicy and bitter foods should also be avoided as put bad effect over sexual life.

Some of the treatments can be done for people facing low sperm count and first one is surgical treatment. Those having varicoceles can be treated by operation. Even today so many microsurgical treatments are available for helping the people. Even those who have gone from vasectomy earlier can also go from the same and the tubes recanalised successfully by using microsurgery. Another medical treatment and for that you can take having neo tablets.

Neo tablets are the herbal combination and also known as herbal Viagra. The name is given after its qualities like treatment of infertility, less sperm count, impotence, low libido, premature ejaculation and many more. This tablet has gone from so many clinical trials as to ensure its powerful properties. It is a rare combination of parmeliaperlata, orchismascula, leptadenia reticulate, lactucascatiola, tribulusterrestris, argyreia, hygrophilaspinosa and mosaic gold. Neo tablets are not only good for sexual health but also stimulate the hormonal activities.

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Neo tablets also help to excite androgen which is male hormone testosterone which increases the desire of intercourse in man. It is like a miracle for the couples who desired their own child. It is helpful in increasing sperm motility and quality of it too. The tablet can be taken two times in a day continuously for 3 months and see the miracle.