Makeup Mistakes That Cause Early Aging

Make up is a must for looking good and when you look good, you definitely feel good too. But if it is not applied correctly or if the wrong products are chosen, then along with giving you an unattractive appearance, makeup also makes you age prematurely.

Here are some of the most common makeup mistakes that you might be making:

Say No to Face Powder

Face powder is used for filling the gaps left due to improper makeup application, and it also helps in setting the makeup on the face. What you need to know is that fact it actually magnifies the lines in the skin, making way for aging. The face powder also absorbs the oil present in the skin, leaving it dry and itchy. So, instead of using chemical-loaded face powder, you can use translucent or a mineral based powder that offers brightness to the skin.

Use the Right Color foundation

Using a wrong color foundation is the biggest makeup mistake that most of the ladies make, without knowing that this might be the reason for premature skin aging. This would not work in your favor. In fact, using a powder based foundation that is lighter as compared to decolletage would make the condition worse.

Never Choose Black Eyeliner Over Brown

Applying the eyeliner is a wonderful method to open up the eyes. It makes them look wider which is great for facial looks. The black shade can be too harsh for the eyes, and so in place of that, you can use brown or lighter shades of black. Try not to apply them over the lower line of the lash. Thicker lines over the eyelashes undoubtedly look breathtaking, but this puts unwanted pressure over the eyes and at the same time is not good for eye health and  moreover does not suit all face shapes.

Use Blusher In Your Favor

To remove the tired look from the face, using and applying blusher in the right manner can do the trick for you, but it is important to choose the correct shades. Ladies with medium to fair skin tone should always choose peach or pink shades. Dark complexion ladies need to go for coral or berry shades.