Kofol – Treatment for Cough

Cough a common problem being faced by every one of us. But how many of us has taken due care to cure this problem? Cough is not at all a normal symptom it can lead to serious ailments later on. Today any kind of Cough can be treated with the help of Ayurvedic special medicine Kofol. It is a kind of herbal nutrient which is been used and trusted since ages. Kofol is a natural way to heal prolonged Cough related problems. Kofol acts as an Anti Allergic and Anti Microbial.

Kofol has the qualities to fight against any kind of Cough and also provides the required Vitamin and other nutrient supplement to strengthen the Throat and other related parts.

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Treatment for Cough:

Today we want instant results of every medicine. With our busy life we are always in a hurry and unable to examine the proper cause of our problem. But now we have an instant relief formula called Kofol which not only cures the problem of Cough early but also try to provide a protective shield to our Throat.

Kofol is the all round treatment to our Throat because:

  • It cures all kinds of Cough.
  • It cures infection of the Throat.
  • It nourishes the Throat.
  • It helps to clear out all the dust and toxins present in the Throat and provides proper sound system.
  • It provides nourishment to the vocal cords and strengthens them.
  • It heals Bronchial Mucosa infection.
  • It also nourishes Larynx and Pharynx and eliminates their inflammations.

As it comes in the form of a candy it provides constant relief from Cough. Kofol is good for our Lungs and Upper Respiratory Track both. It is comprised of Vitamin supplement which provide strength to our Throat and adjoining areas. This herbal medicine helps to clear mucous membrane from any kind of infections and also controls excess of mucous secretion.

Dry Cough Remedies:

Dry Cough of any kind can be healed with the help of Kofol. It not only treats the Dry Cough but also nourishes the Throat and protects it from any further infections. If there is a cough more then 5 days then it should be taken care. As any infection in the Throat region may harm the Respiratory tract and pose some serious problem in that region. Also prolonged Cough is the cause of Asthma and various Allergies.

In Dry Cough related problem it helps to clear out Dust particles and dryness of the Throat. Even the patients who are on prolonged medication of Sinusitis or Asthma are recommended to start this medicine in order to have a good effect on their Asthmatic condition. Regular use of this medicine helps to give long term benefits and also help to stop taking any other medicines.

As Ayurvedic Oils works wonder, Kofol is the amalgamation of Ayurvedic Oils plus Herbs which is much more beneficial for the condition of Prolonged Coughing. It works by reducing the phlegm.

Whooping Cough Treatment:

Whooping Cough or Pertusis is the intense problem of Cough. It is the prolonged problem and being called as most susceptible to other diseases also. Most medicines present in the market claims to cure Whopping Cough are unable to cure the root cause of this problem, as it is the serious kind of Cough problem. Other medicines just try to work on the external healing and give relief for short time. But Kofol is the only medicine which provides deep nourishment to the Throat and works on the internal part of the Throat to heal Whopping Cough properly.

It is good in case of Sore Throat problem. It protects any uneasiness of the Throat and voice difficulty due to presence of any kind of microbes. It acts as an anti bacterial and hence stops further growth of the microorganisms present in the Throat.

Home Remedies for Cough:

Kofol is the best Home Remedy for Cough. It doesn’t include any kind of chemicals or artificial products. All it contains is the herbal plants which are rarest to found. The medicine is made up of mixing these plants only.

Kofol is called as the Home remedy because of its Home ingredients that supply natural healing therapy. It Clear out Cough and other microbes from the Throat.

Research has proved that our Throat is very sensitive as we take lot of work from it, so, it becomes equally important to provide proper care to it. Kofol is one such remedial measure which provides all kinds of protection to our Throat. It is not only good for infections of the Throat but also provides supplement to a healthy throat.

Various Chest infections due to Throat or seasonal changes can be tackled with the help of Kofol use. It works as a strong antibody to all these infections. It is the best tonic to clear the congestion of the Respiratory tract. Hence it is beneficial for the patients of having chest congestion or difficulty in breathing etc.

Survey has showed that those who are taking regularly Kofol are almost 70-80% protective from seasonal changes and they have developed the immunity with the help of Kofol. So, this medicine is not just to help to fight against infections but also protects from future problems. The Kofol is the medicine not just for the Lungs, throat, larynx but also immunity also.

One should take good care of eating and drinking habits because lots of microbes get transfer from our mouth. One should eat hygienic food and also proper intake of liquid is very much necessary in order to keep food pipe free from any germs. Kofol is having all the qualities needed to have in well mouth freshener which itself works all the time to fight against germs attack. To see good results one should at least take Kofol for 20-30 days in order to feel the soothing effect of this medicine. Also any kind of infection whether of Chest or Throat should be noticed in order to catch the problem before it gets worse.