Knowing More About Your Body

colon cancerThe colon in our body, also known as the large intestine, is located in the lower parts of the digestive system. It is U shaped and can be divided into 3 major sections. All these sections contribute to the general digestion in our body. People experience various colon problems including colon cancer which is a major concern in recent days. Some other common problems associated with colon disorder are inflammation of the bowl, fever, nausea, constipation, vomiting etc.

The colon is highly sensitive and hence prone to infection. It may not respond to medicines easily, so it needs to be given ultimate care. If it gets affected, it will directly affect other parts of the body like the liver and prevents normal functioning of our body. Gastrointestinal disorders are common among people because of their unhealthy eating habits. If infection in the colon left untreated, it can lead to near fatal conditions.

Inflammation of the colon is medically termed as Ulcerative colitis. It is an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a common term used to denote all types of bowel disorders. It results in bleeding in stools and diarrhea like condition. It is caused as a result of frequent consumption of very oily foods, lack of exercise, constipation etc.

Colon cancer is most common today. It begins in the large intestine and slowly it gets spread to other parts of the body. It is hard to be detected though initially it produce some symptoms like Changes in the bowel habits, gas, blood in the stool and frequent stomach cramping. It can be cured if treated initially.

Diverticulosis is another medical term used to describe a colon disorder, when extra little pouches develop in the wall of the colon. It is mostly occurred above the age of 60.

Most of the colon disorders are due to lack of digestion and improper cleaning of the colon. Due to constipation, toxins may accumulate in the passes where the stool releases. It invites bacteria which cause severe infection in the colon. It may result in ulcers, or the passing of black stools. Improper excretion can give rise to other problems like piles, headache, anxiety, irritability etc. So lifestyle and food habits are two of the great contributing factors which indirectly affect the activity of the colon.

Colon is a delicate organ and once infected, it is difficult to cure. There are many natural ways we can prevent colon disorders. Some natural supplements are available which can protect colon cancer and other colon disorders. They are made from Ayurveda and are completely safe to consume. These medicines can offer benefits for multiple disorders related to the colon.

Most of them contain Triphala which is a very effective medicine to treat several disorders including digestion. If we take these medicines many other ailments can also be prevented. Herbal products can help in the fast absorption of food in our body, thereby improves our digestive system, which will ultimately help in the proper cleaning of the colon. Such products give nourishment to our colon and make it strong enough to fight against any microbial attack. They prevent the spreading of any bacterial attack to other parts of the body as the colon is the passage through which infection can be spread to other parts.

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