Increase Nutritional Value Of Food By Including Spinach In Your Diet This Winter

SpinachSpinach is a wonderful green leafy vegetable often recognized as one of the functional food for its nutritional, antioxidant and anti cancer constituents. These fresh greens are best available during the winter season. Spinach is a store house for many nutrients that have health promotional and disease prevention properties. Fresh leaves are rich source of Vitamin A, C and antioxidants which play healing role in ageing and various other diseases.

Spinach actually is full of health benefits, full of nutrients and because of its delicious taste it is a winter super food. You can reap the benefits of tender fresh spinach leaves which are extremely delicious by eating them in salads, mixing with pasta , in soups, in dips, as a stuffing in sandwiches, as a pizza topping or as a cooked vegetable with paneer or soya and is an easy health addition to many meals. It is equally tasty raw or cooked. The benefits of spinach are many. Spinach provides more nutrients than any other food when compared calorie to calorie. This is a very high nutrient dense food. This green is readily available and is affordable. Bright vibrant looking spinach leaves are not only more appealing to the eyes but more nourishing as well rich in vitamins and minerals. Spinach is a nutrition superstar and is loaded with vitamins and minerals some of which are hard to find in other food.

Various health benefits which spinach offers are:

Anti inflammatory anti cancer- Leaves of spinach contain compounds which are powerful anti inflammatory and anti cancer fighting agents.

Antioxidant- It plays a vital role in prevention of age related problems like muscular degeneration, heart attack, stroke and overall decrease in longevity.

Bone health- Nutrients such as calcium and magnesium in spinach play an important role in supporting bone health.

Gastro intestinal health- Eating spinach helps to reduce the risk of colon cancer and is a powerful weapon in guarding our gastro intestinal health.

Immunity- High vitamin A content helps in protecting respiratory, urinary and intestinal tract and also boosts the capability to fight the infections.

Skin- High vitamin A in spinach helps the skin to stay healthy, retain moisture and fight acne and wrinkles.

Calcification- Vitamin K in spinach leaves helps prevent calcium from depositing in tissues and blood vessels.

Brain Factor- Vitamin K found in leaves is essential for the overall health of our brain and nervous system. Iron present in spinach helps to keep the energy levels up too.

Other benefits of spinach leaves are that they have a powerful disease fighting capacity by being rich in anti oxidants, Spinach consumption also reduces the risk of developing cataract and is protective against age related vision deterioration. Eating spinach also regulates blood sugar levels and aids in decrease in blood pressure. Low in calories but packed with nutrients spinach is one of a number of leafy vegetables which is becoming more and more popular now a days.

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