Improve Sperm Count

Neo Tablets: An Excellent Medicine To Cure Infertility Among Males

Various innovative products have been recommended for the treatment of infertility among males over the years. Neo tablets are one such ayurvedic product which has received tremendous popularity in the market. Male fertility is tilting in present days due to various reasons like stress; lack of stamina, weakness arises from chronic diseases and environmental factors. This table will help to improve semen quality among males as it determines how healthy the sperm is. It does not claim to work like Viagra, but it will give you effective results in the long run. Ayurdeva always believe to cure a disease. It does not favor any temporary treatment. Neo tablets are capable of eradicating infertility among males and improve sperm count. Different tests have been conducted in various ayurveda centers to determine the quality of the product and they show very positive results.

Symptoms of male infertility

Infertility is a growing concern in today’s world and lots of couples suffer from infertility which has compelled many people to live being childless. In fact, the benefit of this medicine is that it can take care of various infertility and its related problems among males like impotency, general weakness, premature ejaculation etc. Moreover, it is offered for the treatment of bet wetting among children.


The causes of infertility can be many.

  • Extreme stress due to work pressure is highly responsible for infertility.
  • People having chronic diseases are often suffering from the low physical strength which again affects their fertility.
  • Excessive masturbation can also create infertility.
  • Lack of control of ejaculation may also lead to infertility.

Treating male infertility

It has been opined by experts that it is best to treat infertility with the help of Ayurveda only as its products are mild and have no side effects. They gently work on the disease and provide the most desired results. A decreased sperm count is a subject of much debate among medical experts as it is a threat to mankind. This product has been medically proved to offer higher benefits to increase sperm count among people and is the best male fertility supplement.

Main ingredients

It is prepared from many different types of powerful herbs which will increase the reproductive efficiency among males. It is a good herbal supplement to restore reproductive capacity among men. It contains herbs like:

  • Mucuna pruriens
  • Hingul Shuddha
  • Strychnos Nux-vomica
  • Muktashukti bhasma
  • Vang bhasma
  • Shilajit Shuddha
  • Loh bhasma

This will increase the physical prowess of a male. They can improve the efficiency of the genital parts and will also help to improve prostate health. It will help a person to control ejaculation.

Improve Sperm CountBenefits of this miracle product

The benefits of this product are endless.

  • One major benefit is that it contains no sedatives, but still can give a very relaxed feeling after consuming it.
  • It does not encourage any habit forming tendency like antidepressants.
  • Western medicines prescribed for infertility problems can create addiction among people together they can produce lots of side effects. However, this wonderful ayurvedic medicine will save you from any such possibility.
  • It will not decrease the erotic tendencies of a person. It can give you very long lasting effects and will manifold the volume of sperms. It can be used for longer periods as it is all natural and pure.
  • It can address one more concern among children called bed wetting which cause embarrassment in various situations. It can control sudden nocturnal semen emission among males as well.
  • Premature ejaculation is equally a bigger concern among males, which can create dissatisfaction in conjugal life. It can fade away marital happiness. Ayurveda has come to offer quick help to people worldwide struggling with this problem.


It is available in liquid form and should be taken one teaspoon regularly in every morning. It should be remembered that you must have an empty stomach while taking this product. It will give better result if taken with a glass of milk. It has sweet content so diabetes patients should consume it under strict medical supervision.


However, there are some dietary precautions needed while using this product. It is recommended to consume fruits and leafy vegetables in larger amounts. Then one should consume maximum amounts of ghee and milk. Protein rich foods are a necessity when taking this product. One should take salt restricted diet and have proper excretion during the use of this product. One should exempt from Drinking alcohol and smoking during this period. Do not take too much physical and mental strain in this time. One should try to have adequate amount of sleep while using these tablets. These restrictions will help to bring better results for the patient.

Home remedies

A few simple steps at home can help to increase male fertility. Firstly, one needs to eat the right kind of foods to produce healthy sperm. Right food will help to maintain ideal body weight as excessive body weight can reduce the sperm count. Secondly, regular exercise, massage and meditation can also help to achieve better semen quality. Thirdly, by consuming lots of fruits and vegetables can contribute to a healthy sperm count.

Some frequently asked questions about the product:

Some people may have some apprehensions about using this product, so if they go through these facts, this will definitely remove their inhibitions-

Ques) Is it safe for me to use this product concerning my age and the fact that I am a diabetic?

Ans: Neo is a libido enhancer among males and as it is ayurvedic, people of any age can use it. Now, it is said that even diabetic people can have use it as it can control diabetes neuropathy problems.

Ques) I am a newly married man but have some erection problem over the past some months. Will neo help me out of this situation?

Ans: Yes, it will directly target the erection problem; it will help to increase the blood flow to the genitals as well as the testicles. It causes stimulation to the penile tissues and will increase the level of testosterone, the chief male hormone. It will reduce nervousness the main problem associated with erection.

Ques) Hi, I have been married for the last 3 years. My wife has failed to conceive and the reports suggest that I have low sperm count. Will neo help me with that?

Ans: Yes, this is the best recommended medicine for low sperm count. Take it regularly and see the result.