How To Take Care Of Your Skin During Summer

Care Of Your Skin During SummerSkin is a very sensitive part of our body and hence it needs ultimate care and protection. There can be different skin type’s including oily, dry, normal skin type and combination skin. So, depending on the skin type, the skin care may be varied. Skin needs care in any season though in summer it needs some special attention. The effects of summer are harsh on your skin, which leads to many skin ailments, while in winter the effects are mild.

Hydrate your skin

If you are having a dry skin that indicates that the skin lacks hydration and necessary oil. Such skin tends to become elastic and lose charm. It can become very sensitive when it is exposed to the sun, winter and any cold atmosphere. In such conditions, it is very important to clean your face with a good oily cleanser. You should use warm water while doing that. Use a clean cloth to pat your skin. Try to use a toner that will reduce the tightness of your skin. It will also help to reduce the flakiness caused by dehydration. You should not use a toner and any other make up things as they make the skin drier.

Dealing with oily skin

For those oily skin people, they need to save their faces from dirt. Oily skin tends to absorb dirt more compared to dry skin. One needs to wash her face as frequently as possible to get it free from any dirt particles. Oily skin quickly develops pimples and black spots which will ultimately make your skin rough. While washing your skin, use a lotion type gel to cleanse your face as it does not foam and is good for oily skin. Use a toner to remove that extra oil from your face. Oily skin needs to be moisturized a little more than dry skin. So use a light moisturizer to keep it hydrated.

Normal skin type refers to those people who have small blemishes on their faces. Their skin pores can be small or medium sized. It is rare to find such skin types. For those having normal skin can use cleansers that are typically designed for normal skins. Wipe your face with a toner to leave it hydrated.

Combination skin refers to skin types which are extreme. It can be described as face where there is acne and oily in one part and there is complete dryness in other parts. There will be acne on the cheeks chin and the mouth area. It is better to consult a skin specialist if there is too much acne.

There is more for sensitive skin

Sensitive Skin is that which is allergic to any cosmetic products. It is highly sensitive to the effects of weather that produces acne, rashes and inflammation in the skin. So, apply everything that does not produce any allergy to the skin. Apply products like cleansers and toners and any other which do not contain any fragrance.

Always clean your face in a gentle manner. Do not rub your skin so much on summer. For summer, certain natural products like chamomile, lavender, camphor, calamine, rosemary, Aloe Vera and coconut oil work wonders for your skin. They leave a very calming effect on your skin.

It is important to protect yourself from the sun’s ultraviolet rays that cause serious damage to your skin. A good sunscreen will help you with that. Use a sunscreen with minimum SPF 15 to 30 protections regularly. Sun can cause damage during winter also. Buy a moisturizer with sunscreen for your convenience.

Apart from beauty care, some lifestyle change is necessary to maintain a healthy skin. Try to cut down smoking habit as tobacco is extremely bad for skin. It fastens the aging process. Adopt a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Stress management is also important for a healthy skin.