How to Prevent Diabetes And Manage Diabetes Effectively

Prevent DiabetesHuman body regulates and manages the level of glucose in the blood. The body takes the food and breaks it into glucose that gives energy required for its activities. When there is excess amount of glucose over and above the requirement, the body stores the excess glucose into the pancreas. If there is no supply of glucose from the food when you do not take meals some times, the glucose is released from the deposit in the pancreas. If this system does not work well, it leads to diabetes.

Prediabetes is a condition in which blood glucose level is high but not high enough for a diagnosis for diabetes. Such people are at higher risk of developing heart problem and stroke.

There are people who are at more risk of diabetes than others are. People above the age of 40 with overweight are one among such. Family heredity is another factor. Those with higher blood pressure come under this category. Those having high cholesterol are also at high risk of diabetes.

People having diabetes face more problems of increasing the diabetes when they smoke or take alcohol. Alcohol decreases blood glucose in the blood stream of the body.

Keep eating time as a fixed schedule

  • Do not skip your meals or snacks for any reason.
  • If you expect some delay in having your regular meals, be careful in taking a small but nutritious snack at the right time without delay in the schedule.
  • Take with you some nutritious snacks always so that it will become handy if you have to face any delay to take your meals in time, whenever you are away.

Make your food a balanced and ideal one to manage diabetes care

  • Your food must be high in starches.
  • It should be high in fiber. Whole grains are the ideal food.
  • It should be medium in salt.
  • It should be medium in sugars. Skip sugary drinks and bottled beverages. Take plenty of selected varieties of fruits.
  • It should contain low saturated fat. Nuts, vegetables, vegetable oils contain fats good for the health in many ways. Fishes and poultry are coming under the list of good food. Avoid red meat like beef, pork and lamb. Also avoid hot dogs, bacon and deli meats.
  • Your food should contain low cholesterol.

Regular exercise is a very good prevention remedy that helps lowering cholesterol and diabetes. Yoga can effectively reduce this disease. Running, walking, swimming and biking are good exercises. The duration and frequency can be factors, which are decided upon the physical condition, age and the level of the diabetes.

Reduce your weight by changing the life style. Turn-off television to avoid inactivity and keep your movements in one way or the other. Stop smoking. Reduce taking alcohol.