How To Cope With Anxiety In Day To Day Life

Cope With AnxietyIt is hard to imagine a life without stress as they go hand in hand. Everyone is stressed out in their lives which give rise to anxiety, a kind of emotion, people experience most frequently. It is natural to have stress on the eve of a performance, any big event like a wedding or any other happenings in life, which give us tremendous anxiety. In fact, there is no way to get rid of anxieties in life, but you can very well minimize them so that they do not affect your health. As anxiety increases, it causes high blood pressure, hypertension, heart disease and many other life threatening diseases. It is good if we know the right techniques to manage anxiety in life and reducing stress in a healthy way.

Cut down the level of caffeine

Include right kind of foods into your diet, avoid any food which produces anxiety. Cut down intake of caffeine in any form, be it tea or coffee, as they contain nicotine, which causes your blood pressure level to become high. High BP will produce anxiety in your body. Intake of caffeine may offer some momentary relief and comfort to people, but they cause long term impact on their health. Nicotine, even in lesser amounts is also responsible to produce anxiety in our mind. Likewise sugary foods like ice cream and cookies may give you joy, but at the same time it may cause your blood sugar level to elevate. Alcohol is another element you need to stay away from, which produces anxiety.

Cut down the level of caffeine

Balanced diet

Choose a diet which can give you the right nutrition. Healthy body will help in the elevation of your mood which will automatically ward off any anxiety. A diet full of magnesium and potassium is known to control the hormonal level in our body, thus can give lesser amounts of anxiety. Take fruits which can work as antioxidants in your body like blueberries and Acai berries as they will help in the enhancement of our mood and will decrease the release of stress hormones in our body.

Balanced diet

Improve your sleeping pattern

Due to work related commitments or for some personal reasons people do not get enough sleep. Poor sleep means your brain is not getting proper amounts of rest and thereby it causes more anxiety. A daily seven hours of sleep is a must to be remain healthy. Try to have dinner early which will help you to catch sleep faster.

sleeping pattern

Practice deep breathing exercise

Deep breathing exercises will have great effects on your anxiety level. When people get stressed up, they tend to breathe faster. So try to breathe slowly by inhaling and exhaling the air from deep inside of your lungs. It will slow down your blood pressure level and will relax your muscle. Ultimately, it will help you to calm down and release all anxiety. The yoga is the most powerful medicine to manage stress.

Keep yourself busy

Do anything you love to do in order to keep yourself away from the tensions in life. It is the best way to divert your attention from all the problems of life which giving you much anxiety at present. Just do anything that excites you, be it cooking, talking to people, shopping etc. talking can help you to share your burdens or anxieties in life to others which may even lead to many solutions of your problems. You will feel relaxed and less burdened.

Pamper yourself with a beautiful gift or go for a spa session. Massaging has a great relaxant capacity which helps to reduce anxiety. Shopping is a great stress buster, even researches have proved that.

Adopt a positive attitude

Do not underestimate yourself, try to boost your self esteem as in many instances, it is noticed that a lower self esteem can lead to stress and anxiety. Negative thoughts will invite more anxiety to your life. A positive thinking will make you hopeful and confident as well, which will prevent any anxiety to come to your mind.