Hair: The Mirror Of Your Health

All of us have heard that a lustrous mane denotes good health, for those of you who do not know how the two are connected, read on. Hair is one of the most important things to women, because it is an extension of who they are. Hair is basically made of a protein that is called keratin; the color of the hair comes from a pigment called melanin. Understand it like this, people who have dark hair have more melanin while those with lighter shades, have less of it in their hair.

Health of your hair depends on how well your protein intake is, which means for healthier hair you should include a lot of protein in your diet. People with brittle and split ended hair should take this point in consideration.

Caring for your hair

There are many factors that affect the health of your hair in a bad way and these are:

  • Stress: people who go through a lot of stress in their daily lives experience more hair shedding and this is corroborated by medical researchers all over the world.
  • Poor diet: most of the people fall in this category, unbalanced diet causes hair to lose shine and become brittle. Not only protein but even fat in the diet is required to some extent because it provides luster to your hair.
  • Genetics: some people have poor genes causing their hair to fall.
  • Medications: taking certain medications may make you lose up to 3 times more hair.

It is a normal thing to lose 100 hair strands in a day, and there is nothing alarming about it. There can be other reasons also other than the above mentioned causing hair fall in your case

Caring for your hair

Not many people know the correct methods of caring for their hair and sometimes they do more damage than good. The best method to provide nutrition to your hair is eating a balanced diet, rich in proteins and fresh fruits every day. Prefer taking whole fruits instead of their juices to increase fiber intake in the diet. Your grandma told you this, and I am repeating it again, OIL you hair!! Hair care is incomplete without oiling your hair, at least once or twice a week, and if you have time, wrap a hot towel onto your head while you are at it. This facilitates oil to penetrate deeper in your hair.

Try to decrease your everyday stress levels because not only for hair but it is bad for your overall health. Hair fall may occur because of hormonal changes also, so if you think it is so in your case, go see a gynecologist. There are a few lifestyle modifications that can add to the health of your hair like quitting smoking, and alcohol etc. a few simple changes in your regime may make all the difference like do not brush hair when It is wet and do not rub hair together as this makes them brittle. Shampoo every other day to clean your scalp, because healthy scalp is the key to healthier hair. Use conditioner at only the tips of your hair and try to avoid applying it to your scalp.

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