Get To Know About The Food That Is Just Making You Fat!

Food That Is Just Making You Fat!Every wise eater knows that some so called healthy eats are simply junk food in camouflage. What’s dubious is that a few foods with broadly solid reputation are actually more harmful to your body that some of the snacks and munchies you get in stores.
Take a look at some of the foods that are making you fat and preventing you from hitting the golden number on the scale!

Dried fruitsDried fruits: As per studies, dried fruit has five to eight times a larger number of calories than the fresh fruits in light of the fact that these fruits have become dried out and have become much more dense. Fresh grapes, for instance, have 60 calories while raisins have 460.

GranolaGranola: Since its stacked with different varieties of nuts and oats, oil is often added for making it look fresh and sugar is added to make it sweet. So, together with oil and sugar, one dish piles on around 500 calories.

Bran muffinsBran muffins: Whether its plain wheat or blended with fruits or bananas, muffins are a rich source of fiber beyond any doubt, however, considering all the sugar and spread that accompanies them, a bran muffin also has a lot of calories. It has around 20 grams of fat, 420 calories, and 34 grams of sugar.

energy drinksPackaged energy drinks: Most energy drinks available on the market today contain sugar or honey, which are high caloric sweeteners. One average serving of an energy drink has around 200 calories.

Orange juiceOrange juice: A 16-ounce jug of orange or apple juice has 55 grams of fiber, which is equal to five slices of bread. Also, it contains around 12 spoonfuls of sugar.

SaladSalad: Salad is always good for someone who is trying to lose weight, however, sugarcoated nuts, bread garnishes, mayonnaise, and globs of dressing regularly make servings of salads full of unnecessary calories.


Tofu: Tofu is usually served soaked in debauched sauces, then broiled to give it flavor and surface, increasing its calorie content highly.

AvocadoAvocado: It is a known fact that each avocado comes with 10 grams of fiber and more than double the potassium content in a banana. While they consist of more than 20 vitamins and minerals, avocados are still calorie thick and therefore it is always advised to have them in moderation when you are trying to lose some pounds quickly.

Gluten free foods: Many gluten free items available in stores today really have a larger number of calories in them as compared to foods that actually contain gluten.

CoffeeCoffee: You may be shocked to know that a 20-ounce latte made with whole milk tips the scales at nearly 300 calories and 15 grams of fat before adding sugar.

Flavored Greek yogurt: Some of the popular Greek yogurt flavors contain around 16 grams of sugar, which equals to a large amount of calories that would require hours of exercise to get burnt.

So eliminate or decrease the intake of the above mentioned foods and your body will say thanks to you for making it fitter and healthier.

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