Get Real Health Benefits From The Exceptional Powers Of Beetroot

BeetrootBeetroot is a dark red vegetable with an acquired taste which has been getting a lot of coverage in the news. Beets are the rich source of healthy minerals and nutrients. The humble beetroot has been known to have multiple benefits and there are various reasons that you should include them into your diet.

Health benefits of beetroot

To reduce blood pressure- It is proven that eating beetroot can help to reduce blood pressure as it helps in widening of the arteries thus lowering the blood pressure.

To prevent plague formation and reduction of cholesterol- As beetroot contain large amount of soluble fibers, antioxidants and flavanoids it does not allow bad cholesterol to deposit in the walls of the artery. This protects heart from the potential heart attacks and stroke reducing the need of the medication.

To prevent osteoporosis- Because of presence of mineral silica in the beetroot, having a glass of beetroot juice a day could help keep the condition such as osteoporosis and brittle bone disease a bay.

To protect from cancer- It helps to slow down the growth of the tumors and thus helps in the cancer treatment and also helps cancer survivors remain cancer free for a longer time.

To boost the brain power- The drinking of beetroot juice can increase a person’s stamina, helps in proper functioning of the brain by making the brain work better.

Beets are an extremely nutritious food choice that just happens to be tasty and delicious. They are wonderful tonic for the liver, works as blood purifier and are good in taste. It is useful for the treatment of depression and relaxes the mind and creates a sense of well being. Low in calories and high in sugar beetroots are a wonderful addition to any dietary need. With high volume of nutrients and delicious taste anyone can jump right into the beets without missing a beat.

There is more to eating it raw than boiling it to pulp. You can enjoy the fruit in salads, soups, juices, crisps and some even enjoy it in cakes. For pregnant mums beetroot is great as it is abundant in folic acid which is essential for the developing baby inside the mother’s womb. It also keeps diabetes under control, checks constipation, prevents ageing, obesity and overweight and relieves fatigue. In today’s nutritional jargon it comes under super foods. The daily intake of beetroot juice has a host of health benefits and these benefits are not merely folk lore or based on anecdotal evidence but are supported by good solid clinical investigations.

Since it is a powerful antioxidant the ripple effect of taking beet juice will also benefit the skin and protects it from premature ageing. There are many herbal products which contain beet extracts like skin care creams, eye ointments and shampoos for hair care which are equally beneficial when regularly used. Beetroot is of exceptional nutritional value and it has been long used for medicinal purposes. So give beetroot a go and do not be afraid to experiment with this wonderful root vegetable.

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