Get Better And Healthy With Laughter And Humor

Healthy With LaughterAs always said, laughter is the best medicine and it is better practice today than never. Laughter is infectious and it is much more contagious than sneezing, sniffle or cough. It binds many hearts and triggers good health. Laughter can boost the energy level, toughen immune system, protect body cells from damaging, diminish pain and take away all the stress. Best part is, this medicine is absolutely free, fun and you have it anytime anywhere.

It is a strong antidote to conflict, pain and stress. It not only affects your health mentally or physically but also strengthens your relationship. Here are some visible signs of laughter:

  • Laughter works on all the parts of the body equally and not just one
  • It boosts your immune system
  • It triggers the formation of endorphins
  • Saves your heart and prevents heart attacks

Mentioned above are the health benefits of laughter but it has some emotional benefits as well. It simply makes your feel good. A small session of fun and laughter keeps you enlightened throughout the day and keeps you positive, gives strength to fight a tough situation, makes you optimistic. It dissolves the emotions that are distressing. Helps you recharge and keeps you relaxed. It shifts perspectives.

Social benefits of laughter are that it triggers a feeling of being positive and fosters emotional connections. Laughing with someone creates that special bond which creates a buffer against disappointment, disagreements and stress. It is always good to create opportunities to laugh especially with your loved ones. Shared laughter is an effective tools to keep relationships exciting and fresh as you will find many reason to fight but finding reasons to smile are less. It is said that humor and laughter have similar properties as healing, it specially unites people during the difficult times. Incorporating fun and humor is our daily routines and improve our relationships and also the quality of living.

Here are certain ways that allow you to make the most out of humor:

  • Be spontaneous
  • Don’t be defensive
  • Release inhibitions
  • Learn you express your real feelings

Another best way to bring a smile in your family is to bring a pet and the best thing of all is to adopt one. That cute little furry friend bring along a lot of joy and a moment of time well spent. Studies have proved that pets guard you from stress, heart diseases and depression.

Laughter is everyone’s birthright and it doesn’t cost a bit to smile or even have that big laugh once in a while. Start smiling today and make that contagious. Make a list of good things that has happened with you and brought a smile on your face so that you can share it with everyone you know to make their day. Life is about taking yourself less seriously and the day you start doing that, you will start laughing on yourself and your funny deeds. Everyone is fighting with one disease or the other so why not get the strength to deal with everything with something that is absolutely free and contagious.

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