Get a Heart That Is As Young As You!

Heart ailmentsTo a human being, heart is probably the most important organ, if the heart stops beating, you are no longer alive. A beating heart signifies life, and to an organ that works so hard, to keep you alive, pumping blood into your body and accommodating to all your needs of metabolism, what do you do for it? Eat junk food, oily diet and just laze around, increasing its work and decreasing its health.

Your heart sustains you, so if you are getting any cardiovascular problems, like hypertension, hypotension, heart attacks etc, that means you are not taking proper care of it. The most important risk factors for contracting heart diseases are: Eating Trans fats rich food, junk food, genetic susceptibility, and a sedative lifestyle.

The best steps that you can take to ensure that your heart is not ageing faster than you, are all time consuming and totally natural, but they are side effect free and instill good habits that will help you in achieving greater immunity and state of health for a longer period of time, these are mentioned below:

  • Diet: This is probably one of the most important things that you have to remember, diet should be rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients and should contain a very limited and little amount of fat. Fiber content is very important in your diet, because it hampers the absorption of cholesterol in the body. To include fibers in your diet, eat green leafy vegetables, fruits like apple and papaya. Drink lots of water and AVOID junk food.
  • Exercise: This is the second most important thing that you have to remember, lazing idly after a meal is just going to accumulate fat in your body, and thicken your arteries with cholesterol. So after every meal, go for a light walk. Make it a point to exercise in the morning on an empty stomach or a very light snack. Go for a light jog, or just run on the lowest settings on the treadmill. The basic concept is to start really small and keep adding to it. Exercises help burn those extra calories that you have accumulated over the years. There is actually no way you can keep healthy without exercising, so stop making silly excuses, and get going!
  • Natural remedies: Some naturally available remedies or solutions can be real beneficial for example; Walnuts as they are considered to have good cholesterol that helps fight the bad cholesterol. A little amount of it is recommended to be used daily to see efficient results. Another very beneficial solution is using lemon and lukewarm water in the morning it gets rid of extra fat in the body and helps you to stay fit. Some studies claim that sea water fishes like Pomphret contain certain good enzymes that are good for people with heart ailments.

These natural and easy techniques make sure that you stay at the top of health and all the diseases cannot get to you. Heart ailments can take the most important years out of your life, so do not give it that chance, and stay fit!