For Healthy Bones At Any Age

Healthy BonesBones are the basic structure forming components of our body. They provide our body with, the characteristic shape that we have, and make us resistant to injuries. The reality of today’s modern life is that with increasing age and bad lifestyle devoid of nutrition, the bones suffer the most, they become weak and become prone to injuries like, fractures and softening. Half of the population of the world suffers from arthritis and many others from osteoporosis and other such conditions.


Arthritis is an overly common bone and joint problem faced by so many people. It occurs because of undue stress that has been placed on the bones or joints that bear weight, so areas like knee and hip are the most affected parts. The normal process of ageing causes your bone to degenerate and become weak with age and when you place unwanted stress on it that it can’t handle, friction results between bones causing further problems that culminate in arthritis.


Half of the women in today’s population have osteoporosis and they do not even know it. This can prove to be very dangerous because porous bones caused by this condition make your bones susceptible to heavy damages like fracturing quickly and bending of your bones. This condition occurs because of lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body

Natural Cure And Maintenance Of Bone Health

Bones are totally dependent on calcium and vitamin d for most of their nutrition and as long as you provide them that, they will stay at the top of their health. Diet rich in calcium can make you go a long way, away from weak bones, food stuff that should be consumed are milk, green leafy vegetables, fruits and lots of fresh vegetables. In addition to this for your vitamin needs all you have to do is go for a long walk in the mallow morning or evening sun, and absorb as much vitamin D as you can. Having healthy bones will make you active and energetic, Injuries will happen less and you surely will defy your age.

In addition to diet measures you should go for brisk walks, try to maintain your weight within a normal range for a person of your age and height. Being overweight will only maximize your problems in the long term as bones are built to carry a specific weight and when you increase that by too much they start bending because of the stress. Be positive in your attitude towards life and try to make lifestyle amends like quit smoking and drinking to make your body more healthy and resistant to diseases. Bones are an invaluable part of our existence and without proper care, they are bound to degenerate causing problems for you. So acting now may be the best thing to do in your interest.

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