Common Hair Ailments And How To Deal With It

Gorgeous hair requires proper attention and care. No matter how regularly you wash it, your hair often falls prey to common hair problems such as hair fall, dandruff and split ends among others. However, managing your hair can become quite easy when you use herbal products that keep the scalp clean and maintain the overall quality of hair strands.

Common Hair Problems

There is probably no one who hasn’t faced the misery of hair ailments. Here are a few common hair problems that people usually suffer from.

  • Hair Loss: Hair goes through a constant regenerative life cycle. In the first phase which lasts for about three to four years, hair grows. During the second place which spans about three months the hair rests. During the third and final phase, the hair sheds and is replaced by new hair strands. An average person may lose up to 100 strands each day. However, if you are losing more than this, there’s reason to worry. Hair loss can happen in an untimely manner too. You might also lose hair because of hormonal imbalance, surgeries, stress, severe infections. Excessive use of hair colors and other cosmetic products also lead to hair fall.
  • Hair Damage: Blow drying, highlighting or straightening can wreck havoc on hair strands. Two major problems associated with over-styling are dry hair and split ends.Split ends occur when the outermost protective layer of the hair gets damaged and peels back because of excessive styling and application of heat. The best ways to prevent the occurrence of split ends is to abstain from use of chemical based styling agents.Washing your hair too often might although keep your hair clean, can wash out a great deal of moisture and oil that are necessary for healthy hair. Some of the other reasons for hair dryness include using a harsh shampoo, blow drying, chlorinated water, poor nutrition and exposure to UV radiation.
  • Dandruff: This is probably the most common hair ailment that people suffer from. Dandruff can either be caused due to excessive dryness because of hair styling products like dyes. Besides, not shampooing regularly enough leads to buildup of dead skin cells that leads to generation of dandruff. Looking for ways to cure dandruff? Cleanse your hair with a good herbal shampoo and oil regularly so that your scalp and hair strands don’t dry up.

Are you suffering from acute hair loss? Well, now there are herbal products available that help in treating your hair. These herbal products not only adds luster to hair but also provides adequate nourishment to it with adding any chemicals to your scalp. Look for protein shampoo that consists of all the essential ingredients that are required for healthy hair strands and scalp. The fact that this product doesn’t contain chemicals like other shampoos available in the market do, people of all age groups can use it effectively without worrying about possible side-effects. Switch to this herbal product and experience the difference in hair quality for yourself.