Checklist To Keep Stress At Bay

Keep Stress At BayModern life is full of hassles, frustrations and demands and for many people stress has become a way of life which effects their body and mind. Stress is an inherent part of modern life and to cope up with the requirements of day to day needs we tend to put constant pressure to fulfill the social and economical obligations. The most dangerous thing about stress is that very easily it creeps up on us and we don’t notice how much it affects us but eventually it takes a very heavy toll. It affects our mind, our behavior in many ways. Every one adult, teens, and even children experience stress at times which is characterized by physical and emotional tension.

Harmful Effects of Stress

Stress produces physical reactions in our body which results in the release of hormones and chemicals that speed up the function of heart, lungs and other vital organs. Physical problem which arise due to stress can be of various kinds which can affect our immune system and can eventually lead to life threatening problems thus affecting our overall health. Sometimes it can also lead to addictive behaviors including alcoholism, gambling, smoking etc which can result in ill health.

Causes Of Stress

There can be many causes of stress either external or internal. External factor comprises of relationships, family obligations, financial issues, or any major change in life. Internal factors basically deals with psychological reasons such as unrealistic expectations, pessimism, inability to accept the uncertainty etc.

Stress Signs And Symptoms

The symptoms of stress vary from person to person. But following are the most encountered signs that one can go through while suffering from stress. Health problems like depression, headache, high blood pressure, indigestion, fatigue and speeding of ageing process are common in stressed people. Sometimes stress could be fatal for your life if it is not diagnosed and cured properly. Memory problems, anxiety, moodiness, bad temper, irritability etc are few of the psychological and behavioral changes one can undergo during the times of acute strain.

How To Overcome Stress

It is all about managing thoughts, emotions, schedule, environment and the way of dealing with the problems. Techniques which can help to overcome stress can be-

  • To eat balanced and nutritious diet
  • Doing Exercise/Yoga which reduces stress
  • Get adequate rest and plenty of sleep to reduce daily stress
  • Stop smoking as nicotine is considered to be a stimulant.
  • Identify your goals and try to fulfill them.
  • Indulge in any activity that give you pleasure like listening to music, playing games, reading, doing any art etc.
  • Share your problems with your friends and family members; spend time with them which generally works against life stresses.
  • Have confidence in yourself and possess the optimistic attitude.
  • Adopt techniques in your daily routine that help to give relaxation. When practiced regularly they make us calm and reduce stress.

Peoples’ tolerance of stress varies. The important point is that one can learn to recognize one’s own response and steer and develop skills to deal with it well.

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