Certain Things That Your Pee May Indicate

Things That Your PeeThe frequency in your pee might be the indicator of several things. It happens often when we consume tea or coffee in excessive amounts we tend to visit the bathroom in frequent intervals. It is quite normal and many of us have experienced it in a lifetime. But apart from that, the change in the frequency of your pee can tell you about many other things in advance.

You might be pregnant

One of the determinants of pregnancy is urine. Doctors perform a urine test to confirm a pregnancy. Frequent urination is one f the reason of pregnancy. If you have started missing your periods and there is a change in the pee structure, then you should do a pregnancy test. It all happens because in time of conception, the fetus starts to secrete the hormone called human chronic gonadotropin. There may be a different odor in your pee unlike before. It is one of the difficult symptoms of pregnancy. In pregnant woman, the kidneys have to work extra as it has to remove waste materials from you and the fetus. Once the baby grows, the pressure will increase on your bladder from your increasing uterus. It will result in frequent urination which can be really annoying. Worried about the women health care, get the urine tested.

You may have an injury or any illness

In some instances frequent urination may indicate kidney stones. Rarely, it can be caused by long periods of exercises. If your urine has sweet odor may have diabetes. Sweet odor releases when the body is unable to process glucose in proper amounts. If any women over 35 years of age experience frequent urination with irregular or heavy flow during periods, then they may have uterine fibroids, a kind of benign tumor in the walls of the uterus. If there is blood present in your urine, or have bad odor, then immediately call a doctor.

You may have Urinary Tract Infection or UTI

Frequent urination can be caused by any infection in the passage of the urine. You might get a burning sensation if you develop an UTI. Actually frequent pee is one of the symptoms of UTI including others like fever, chilling with cold, lower back pain etc. the color of urine may turned into pink and it may start smelling. The infection is caused by bacteria present in the urine passage. If you notice any of these symptoms consult a physician instantly to prevent the infection.

You might suffer from dehydration

If the color of your urine turns dark yellow it can be the result of dehydration in your body. If there is proper hydration in your body, then the pee will look clear. The presence of a strong odor in the urine is also happened because of lack of proper hydration. So stay hydrated by consuming adequate amount of water and lots of vegetables and fruits.