Can Smoking Be A Cool Idea?

smoking is injurious to healthThere is warning everywhere that smoking is injurious to health, yet people never follow it. Smoking is not a cool idea at all because it contains tobacco and we all are very much aware of the harmful effects of tobacco. Smoking has been considered as a fashion statement for decades, yet people never realize the hidden danger behind smoking. Powerful campaigns against smoking are conducted everywhere in the world and now it is banned in public places. People feel relaxed by making puffs, but these puffs will ruin their health in several ways. People like to indulge in such self destructing option like smoking which can lead to death and nothing else. It can seriously affect both the genders.

Tobacco effects

The statistics are alarming if we see the effects of cigarettes. There is a list of products made from tobacco in India including beedis, gutka, hookah, cigarettes, pipes, chuttas, chiium, pan masala, khaini, mishri, bajjar etc. They can be enjoyed in both the forms- sniffing and chewing. Tobacco can cause cancer of all forms related to mouth, lung, urinary tract, pharynx, stomach, kidney etc. Further, it is related to other severe diseases like blockage in the blood vessels, heart attack, chest pain, sudden cardiac attack, stroke, eye problems, paralysis etc. Tobacco can give rise to various lung diseases like chronic bronchitis, tuberculosis etc. It restricts blood flow to the heart and elevates the blood pressure level. Smokers also have the highest chances of developing diabetes and decrease the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

It decreases the overall stamina in the body causing weakness to perform any physical activity. Excessive smoking can be a potential reason of impotence or any kind of sexual diseases. Female smokers are at risk of early menopause. It reduces the estrogen levels in the body which is the chief female hormone. Lack of estrogen can lead to many other diseases. Smoking can cause early aging and it will produce your skin wrinkles. It can leave your teeth stained and make your lip darkened. Smoking can also contribute to hair loss and smokers may also suffer from bad breath. We can see, smokers always have smelling clothes, which is a great turn offs for others.

Non smokers are equally at risk

Many won’t know that non smokers may be equally affected by smokers. If you are a non smoker, yet by living with a smoker, you can have equal harmful effects as the smoker will. Furthermore, passive smoking is also bad. As per research, it can affect you more or less the same like active smoking.

The third hand smoking concept

Now researchers have talked about third hand smoking effects. It refers to the remnants of smoking found in the carpets and other types of furniture covers, anywhere in the rooms of smokers. It can be dangerous for Infants as they crawl in the house everywhere and unfortunately came in contact with such remains. So, smoking can have wider effects. If you are a well wisher of your family and friend, then make it a promise to come out of this obsession.

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