Butterfly Stroke Swimming Exercise To Tone Your Body

Losing weight is one of the most desired things in today’s fashion oriented world. There are several available solutions for achieving this, which include sweating hard in the gym or swallowing a handful of pills daily, but having a fit body is also possible with simple solutions like swimming. Swimming is believed to be one of the highly effective exercises for weight loss. The special butterfly stroke of swimming involves some specific hand and leg movements in a way that gives a butterfly like appearance. It is an excellent swimming exercise that helps to tone the complete body and increases your endurance and strength. It is suggested to use the stroke with different variations, which is similar to whole body training. It may be difficult at first, but one must try to do it, and this would help you in reaching an advanced level of swimming.

Most Common Butterfly Swimming Poses

Dolphin Flog

This is a famous position and a wonderful technique, in which all the focus is placed on the chest mainly. In this specific variation of butterfly stroke you need to put your legs together and move them up and down.

Regular Butterfly Stroke

This is one of the easiest strokes that makes use of both of the arms which go overhead at the time you push your legs. Mixing and matching the variety makes it classic and that works excellently to tone the body. In this you need to maintain some pressure on the chest area that goes far in building your physical strength. Flotation device can be tried initially that would support you in balancing. The floating device can be used on the arm to lessen the pressure and remove it eventually.

Just the Arms

It is a popular butterfly stroke where only the arms are used. With the stroke movement, one can get toned arms easily. Try the pull and push of arms. One can also use lift buoy and place that between the thighs or your legs. The lower body can be balanced with that and only the upper body push can be practiced.

Important Tip

Remember the most important thing, do not use or kick with your legs because the focus should be placed only on the arms.

Chest press

In this specific variation of the butterfly stroke, you need to place both the hands on the sides and enter the water by keeping your face down. When you enter the water, press down your head and by using your hands, press the chest to go inwards. Take a breath when you go in and then release. You need to practice arm extension without using floating devices to strengthen your chest.

Straight Kick

It is an exercise which is believed to be a true flog exercise, and is similar in nature as the flog position. It is used by swimmers to tone the body and for losing weight, especially from the lower body. You can also make improvisations in the strokes. To make it more effective it needs to be done in shallow water. Make cross with your hands like you are not allowed to use them. While kicking your legs in vertical position, you can start above the water. Try to keep elbow inside and make better leg movements for good speed and toning the lower body.


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