Benefits Of Taking Elaichi On Everyday Basis

Benefits Of Taking ElaichiOur traditional spices have many qualities contained in them for which are not used in enhancing the taste of your dish, at the same time they will offer you great health benefits. Elaichi or cardamom as a popular spice used in several Indian dishes and due to its strong flavor, it is used as a combination to make many medicinal supplements. Here we will look into certain benefits of taking this popular native spice:

Digestion agent- It fastens the digesting process and prevents gas deposition on your stomach. It prevents all the symptoms of gas like inflammation, burning sensation in your hurt and nausea. It is consumed after meals along with saunf and other things to help in the digestion. It provides a calming effect on the mucous and stimulates its functions and thus helps you to get rid of acidity and indigestion. As per Ayurveda, it keeps control the level of water and air in the stomach and help in food absorption properly. Tea being made with elaichi is a great remedy for headache caused by indigestion. So, mix it with green tea and sip it regularly if you have indigestion problem.

Remove bad breath problem- It creates difficulty in dealing with other people, be it at your home or your professional place. It is also an indication of poor dental hygiene. So, if you are suffering from bad breath problem and have not yet found complete remedy, start taking elaichi regularly. It contains antibacterial substances and will reduce the bad odor of your mouth. Moreover, as it helps in digestion, it will naturally remove bad breath. Experts say, indigestion is also a major cause of bad breath and elaichi can prevent that by detoxifying your body or releasing chemicals and help in smooth digestion.

Prevents respiratory infection-Research says, cardamom improves the blood circulation to your lungs which fortify the respiratory system and thus prevent any infection. A strong respiratory system will thwart any attack like asthma, cold or cough. It keeps your body warm and helps you to stay away from mucus and chest congestion. If you are suffering from cough and cold, mix a few drops of essential oils on your steam water pot and inhale it frequently. It will give immediate relief.

Stabilize your heart beats- It is known to be potassium rich which is an essential element for the proper functioning of the heart. Cardamom also contains calcium and magnesium, which is good for the heart. Potassium is necessary for the making of blood, body fluids and cells. Thus, it helps in the active functioning of our heart by controlling the blood pressure level.

It prevents anemia-It boosts the production of red blood cells in the body as it contains copper, iron and other vital elements like vitamin C, niacin and riboflavin, necessary for blood production. It helps to combat with all the symptoms of anemia like loss of appetite, weakness, insomnia and constipation etc. If you are anemic, take a glass of warm milk by adding a few pinches of elaichi powder and turmeric.

It prevents free radicals-Free radicals are responsible for various deadly diseases like cancer and heart ailments and several others. Not many know cardamom contains manganese, which helps in the production of a certain enzyme which possesses the capacity to kill free radicals in the body. It naturally cleanses the body by removing all chemical toxins and make us diseases free.