Amla: A Wonder Herb For Your Complete Well-Being

Benefits of AmlaWe all have savored chutneys, pickles, jams or murabbas made of amla during winters. Amla or Indian Gooseberry may not be very appealing in its taste but this tangy fruit is surely the wonder fruit where the goodness of prosperity presides. Various health and medicinal benefits of amla can be classified as under:

To treat constipation- Daily consumption of amla reduces constipation problems as it is rich in fibers and a gentle laxative.

To treat ulcers- If you suffer from mouth ulcers frequently then the amla juice is the best solution for your problem.

To heal Arthritis- Because of its anti inflammatory properties it is helpful in the swelling and pain in the joint of knees caused due to arthritis.

Cures sleep disorders- This wonder fruit helps to reduce stress and therefore cures sleep disorders like the insomnia.

Removes toxins from the body- Consumption of alcohol, pain killers and medicines regularly increase the built up of large amount of toxins in the body. Amla helps in maintaining the proper functioning of the liver and get rid of these toxins. Its regular consumption is very good for the stomach and improves the digestion.

Treats cancer- Daily consumption of amla reduces the risk of many serious diseases including cancer.

Improves eyesight- Amla is very useful for improving eyesight. It also helps to reduce itching and watering of eyes.

Boost immunity-

Daily consumption of amla boosts immunity due to its high concentration of vitamin C.

Other medicinal uses of amla can included purification of blood, maintaining cholesterol levels, strengthening nervous and respiratory system, improving metabolism, preventing of jaundice outbreaks, cure for diabetes, delaying premature ageing and reducing facial lines and pigmentation.

Amla can be consumed raw, in the form of dried powder or as juice. Amla juice is very beneficial to the body and so does dried amla. Try to use the organic amla juice as it does not contain any preservatives. Natural vitamins herb has vitamin c for immunity booster and gives amla benefits to a great extent as it is used in amla oil and amla juice. Have raw amla juice daily in the morning.

Regular consumption of amla, takes care all the imbalances inside the body because of its cooling and drying properties. In ayurvedic practices amla is used for promoting longevity, improving digestion, purifying blood and enhancing concentration and memory. It is the most powerful fruit for improving well being and health if consumed regularly.

The regular intake of amla will prevent you from all kinds of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Its cooling properties make it ideal for treating all kinds of skin ailments. It is well known ingredient in hair products. It can be used as a fresh fruit, as juice, in capsules, in dried forms as well as powder.