A Clove Of Garlic A Day Keeps You Healthy And Fit

Any description of garlic is incomplete without mentioning its medicinal values. This wonderful herb has been used since time immemorial as a medicine to prevent or treat various diseases and conditions. There are many health benefits which can be derived by consuming garlic. Some of them are:

Clove Of Garlic

To treat skin infections- Because of its antibacterial property garlic paste is applied to treat skin infections, ringworm infection and athletes’ foot.

For blood thinning- Because of the anti clotting properties of the garlic it is consumed to prevent the formation of blood clots in the body.

To reduce blood pressure- Garlic helps in reducing blood pressure as chemicals present in it dilates our blood vessels and helps in controlling blood pressure.

Protects heart- Garlic protects heart against cardio vascular problems like heart attacks as it increases the stretching ability of the arteries and prevents our blood vessels from becoming blocked and prevents clots from forming inside the blood vessels. It also reduces cholesterol and reduces arterial plague formation.

Remedy for respiratory problem- Daily use of garlic prevents from cold. It also helps in treating throat irritations, upper respiratory tract infections like asthma and thus makes it a priceless medicine.

To Prevent Cancer- Daily consumption of garlic has been found to lower the risk of most type of cancers.

Treatment of tooth ache- Simply putting crushed garlic clove on the affected tooth can help relieve tooth ache due to its anti bacterial and anti septic properties.

Reduces weight- It regulates the formation of the fat cells in the body and helps in preventing weight gain.

Try garlic for these unexpected health benefits. Over the years garlic has been used as a medicine to treat wide range of diseases. The fresh clove or supplements made from garlic clove are good for medicine. Garlic has been tried for many conditions related for the better health and these conditions include diarrhea, diabetes, osteoporosis, cold and flu, building immune system, pimples treatment, preventing tick bites, stomach ache, treating wrinkles, sinus congestion, gout, shortness of breath and low blood sugar.

One can consume garlic in raw or cooked form with a glass of milk or with water. You can increase the health benefits you receive from garlic by letting it sit after you have chopped or crushed it. Garlic is also a wonderful seasoning to add taste and added nutrition to your dishes. Fresh, dried and powdered garlic are available in the market throughout the year. For all-out nutritional flavor and benefits, make sure that you are buying fresh garlic. There are numerous convenient options available like powder, paste and flakes but the health and culinary benefits are comparatively less than the real form. For a small vegetable, garlic sure has a big and well deserved reputation. Garlic is classified as both a food and medicinal herb. Therefore it can be eaten as food and can also be taken in supplement form in the form of pills available in the medical stores to augment a healthy body.

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