7 Signs That Indicate The Person Is Having A Heart Attack

There’s a big difference in the signs of heart attack in women versus men. The chest pain that usually indicates that a heart attack is about to follow is a symptom that commonly occurs in men and rarely in women. According to heart specialists, women generally don’t feel any pain in the chest before a heart attack.

Since signs in women are not so evident they wait longer to go to the ER. However, the results can be disastrous. You can survive a heart attack if you receive treatment in time. The chances of survival are almost 50% if the patient receives the treatment within one hour.

Women have to very careful since they tend to miss quite a lot of warning signs. Here we have compiled seven typical heart attack signs that women are most likely to encounter. Women must not ignore them if they experience any or all of these. They should immediately go to the ER. Any delay can be life threatening, on the other hand, an immediate action can be life saving.

Typical Heart Attack Warning Signs In Women

  • Extreme Tiredness: A few days or even weeks before a heart attack is about to strike, a majority of women experience extreme tiredness. For example, a woman may feel that she doesn’t have the strength to cook dinner. On occasions women may even feel too tired to do laundry.
  • Mild Pain: While men commonly feel an acute pain in the chest, the pain is not so intense in women. Furthermore, in females the achiness doesn’t occur in the region of the heart. Instead it happens in the breastbone, jaw, neck, or shoulders.
  • Nausea: Before a heart attack, women tend to have acidity. A woman may also feel as if she is about to faint.
  • Breathlessness: A large percentage of women report panting or inability to breathe normally. Since they find it hard to catch their breath, they are unable to carry on a conversation. Women cannot afford to miss this symptom.
  • Sleeplessness: A few weeks prior to heart attack women experience difficulty in falling asleep. On occasions they wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes they feel restless during the night.
  • Anxiety: According to heart specialists, a majority of women feel a sense of impending fear before a heart attack. Experts cannot explain why women feel like that. But, it is real. So experts suggest you to pay attention to it.

Survival Plan

  • Have Aspirin: We recommend women must keep aspirin at hand. Always keep these tablets in your purse. You can either swallow one with water or chew it the moment symptoms appear. This action averts damage caused by blood clotting.
  • Do not Avoid Going To ER: Tragedies can be averted by going to the ER immediately when any of the above signs occur. Have ECG done to check your heart function. Furthermore, go for blood tests to rule out heart damage. Get yourself examined by a cardiologist before leaving the hospital.

Last, but not the least, call 911 if you feel any one or all of these symptoms. And never make the mistake of driving yourself; ask someone to drive you to the nearest medical center.

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