6 Effective Natural Remedies Of Back Pain

Almost 80% of Americans suffer from backache. This makes it one of the most common health problems of the country. In most of the backache cases, the culprit is a strenuous activity such as weight lifting. However, in a few cases by simply bending down to pick up a pencil triggers a backache. In nearly all the people troubled by backache, bending down becomes an unbearably painful task. Their life turns topsy-turvy and they never feel normal again.

Chief of physical therapy at Harvard University, Mary Ann Wilmarth, opines that any back pain must be addressed immediately. Through early intervention, the problem can be prevented from becoming chronic. Plus, it rules out the need for medication and surgery.

A little bit of physical activity combined with core strengthening exercises and physical therapy, can dramatically improve the symptoms of backache. Check out the following surefire ways of alleviating back pain:

Limit Bed Rest

New studies have shown that taking bed rest aggravates the back pain to a degree that even getting daily tasks accomplished becomes difficult. On the other hand, people with short-term lower-back pain who stay fit are able to perform their daily duties easily.

Mike Flippin, a back and spine care specialist, suggests that people with back pain should limit their bed rest to not more than three days. ‘Get moving as quickly as possible,’ he says.

Keep Exercising

Exercise can work wonders for back pain. Wilmarth recommends walking for 30 minutes per day. Studies have found that taking a stroll can give relief from back pain quickly.

Maintain Good Posture

The pain may have begun after a long workout. However, the strain that provoked it has most likely been building for years. According to Wilmarth, poor posture of people while carrying out daily tasks is to blame for their vows. It puts needless strain on their backs.

See a Specialist

D. Scott Davis, Associate Professor at West Virginia University, says that in order to manage chronic pain it is essential that people develop a personalized exercise regime. No medicine has been invented so far that can address back pain. However, it can be managed through stretching and core strengthening exercise. A physical therapist who specializes in back care can be consulted. Get a tailored exercise regime designed from a specialist.

Strengthen Your Core

Most people can get rid of their chronic back pain by making their abdominal muscles stronger. The torso is made up of a network of muscles working together. Weak abdominal muscles can make other areas lazy. However, by strengthening the abs the strain on the lower back can be reduced.

Improve Flexibility

Majority of times back pain occurs because of tension and tightness. Davis says that boosting flexibility is the key. It can be attained by putting an equal load throughout the body from the feet all the way up to the head. An array of stretching exercises can be tried. For example, to stretch the hamstrings lean forward with your back in a neutral position.

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